Shutdowns Threat trending visitors voice Walmart Wearing worst-hit yesterday

Top 3 Threats to Pearson Airport & Public Health

Whether we like it or not, we can’t force someone to not exercise their consitutional rights in public. People have been making headlines by refusing to wear masks, get tested and quarantine. Public health is at risk right now. After spending millions of dollars, the Canadian government has failed to handle the COVID-19 Virus. It […]

bathroom paint

Paint Your Bathroom This Color to Raise Your Home’s Value

Raisa Suprun/ShutterstockThose looking to sell their home might want to pay particular attention to the bathroom. According to a new analysis from Zillow, bathroom color can have an effect on price. In the analysis, Zillow found that blue bathrooms can add 1.3% extra value to your home. That doesn’t sound like a lot until you…

Samsung shows

Samsung Shows off New Double Folding and Rollable Phone Display Concepts

SamsungToday Samsung’s Display division unveiled some exciting next-generation screen technology for smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Taking part in the annual Display Week Event 2021, we got our first glimpse at a double-folding display, along with a neat sliding or rollable smartphone panel. The futuristic screens by Samsung include “S-foldable” and “slidable” or “rollable” displays for…

statement update

[Update: Statement] An Eufy Security Bug Let Strangers View and Control Each Others’ Camera Feeds

EufyUpdate: (2PM ET) Added a statement from Eufy. We’re emailing the company now for more info. An Eufy security bug gave users complete access to strangers’ accounts, including live video feeds, recordings, camera pan and zoom controls, and private account info. While Eufy claims to have fixed the problem, it suggests that all users unplug…

finding Positive

Finding It Hard to Be Positive?

Blame Your Brain (And Then Do This)

University of California/YouTubeIf you’re having trouble focusing on positive things, it has as much to do with whether the thing is actually negative or positive as it does with the bias your brain has towards the negative. In the following video, University of California Davis behavioral scientist Alison Ledgerwood, an expert in how we frame…

Amazon challenges

Amazon Challenges Apple by Adding Hi-Fi into Standard Music Plan at No Extra Cost

Marina Rich/Shutterstock.comOn the heels of Apple’s near-identical announcement, Amazon has announced it is making its library of high-fidelity music (from Amazon Music HD) available to all Amazon Music Unlimited customers with no additional cost. Though Apple isn’t set to begin streaming high-quality lossless audio until June, Amazon’s high-fidelity catalog is available to subscribers immediately. Additionally,…

Archaeologists Teach

Archaeologists Instruct computers to sort ancient pottery

A “river” of Tusayan White Ware sherds, showing the change in type designs from oldest at left to youngest at right. Deep learning allows for accurate and repeatable categorization of these sherd types. Credit: Chris Downum Archeologists at Northern Arizona University are hoping a new technology they helped pioneer will change the way scientists study…

carbon Permafrost

Permafrost carbon Responses threaten global climate Objects

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Since it was first signed more than five years ago, the Paris Agreement has set the bar for the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with more than 70 countries taking on ambitious nationally determined contributions that exceed initial commitments laid out in the agreement. However, a new paper released…

Greenland SHEET

Section of the Greenland ice sheet Could be close to a tipping point

Accelerated melt. Credit: TiPES/HP Data from the Jakobshavn drainage basin of the Central-Western Greenland ice sheet reveals that the distinct mark of this part of the ice sheet has reached a tipping point. That is the conclusion by Niklas Boers from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany and Martin Rypdal from the Arctic University…

African rainforests

African rainforests Nevertheless slowed climate change despite record heat and drought

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists studying the impact of record heat and drought on intact African tropical rainforests were surprised by how resilient they were to the extreme conditions during the last major El Niño event. The international study, reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences today, found that intact rainforests across tropical…

Avocet Zebra

By Avocet to Zebra Finch: Large data study finds more than 50 billion Creatures in the world

A flock of Cockatiels. Credit: Corey T. Callaghan There are roughly 50 billion individual birds in the world, a new big data study by UNSW Sydney suggests—about six birds for every human on the planet. The study—which bases its findings on citizen science observations and detailed algorithms—estimates how many birds belong to 9700 different bird…