Filmmaker Plays

Filmmaker plays with time in this trippy video

Filmmaker Ben Ouaniche of Macro Room put together this video of himself interacting with his own slow motion footage and the end result is extremely satisfying to watch. It’s like if Christopher Nolan decided to make a series of 15 second Zack Snyder films. Keep going for the full video. Previous Story This guy made…

Automatic charger

This Man made an automatic charger to Get his Tesla

Using a Raspberry Pi 4 and some machine learning, Pat Larson created this automatic charger for his Tesla. In 2015 Tesla released a video of a snake charger prototype that would also automatically charge your car, but that one looked like it would murder or rape you when you fell asleep. This one seems a…

Leading water

‘Water risk should be the leading ESG issue’: Water scarcity threat to food Industry revealed

The Global Consumer Staples sector faces a $200bn impact from water scarcity and is the most exposed of all sectors to water risk, its team of analysts wrote in a note to investors.In a report the team analysed the risks and opportunities facing the Global Staples sector from impending water shortages, increased cost and regulation.…

Clear-headed Confused

Clear-headed but Perplexed?

How the’low and no alcohol’ category lacks clarity

The low and no alcohol category is on an upwards trajectory. In 2020, the category grew at around 1% – despite shuttered on-trade due to COVID-19 restrictions – and took a market share of 3% across the total beverage market.Within the sector, no/low beer and cider dominates, with a healthy 92% share. No/low wine increased…

‘untapped’ Baïa

Baïa Food eyes’untapped’ potential of’Dried Miracle Berries’ in sugar Decrease after Novel Foods Acceptance

Synsepalum dulcificum is a plant known for its berry that, when eaten, causes sour foods subsequently consumed to taste sweet. The ‘miracle berries’ have been used in West Africa – where the plant originates – since at least the 18th century.“We identified the untapped potential of miracle berries as a natural sugar-reduction strategy back in…

'there Mondelēz

Mondelez: “There is more appetite for M&A and there is a clear strategy behind all the acquisitions”

“We have made $1.5bn in terms of revenue in terms of acquisitions for the last three years. These are growing at a high-single digit,”​ and while the pandemic caused some “restrictions and challenges,”​ broadly speaking, the newly acquired businesses are growing steadily above the average growth rate of Mondelez, Vince Gruber, executive VP and president…

Defining Moment

‘A defining moment for the industry’: DSM enters CBD space with Mile High Labs Venture

The partnership extends DSM’s capabilities to create a platform from which leading consumer products companies can deliver novel, health-benefit driven products with globally trusted ingredients, said DSM in a press release. The partnership is global, a DSM spokesperson told us, but the availability of DSM’s solutions is dependent on local regulatory clearance and DSM’s focus at…

After worst

Following the worst school Season ever, here’s what students want most

By Natasha Piñon2021-06-16 10:00:00 UTC Moving forward requires focus. Mashable’s Social Good Series is dedicated to exploring pathways to a greater good, spotlighting issues that are essential to making the world a better place. Let’s just say last school year was challenging for students, to say the absolute least.   With campuses largely shuttered and…

Polestar reveals

Polestar (sort of) reveals new SUV, its Original U.S.-made electric Car

The Polestar 3 will be the company’s first electric SUV. Image: polestar By Sasha Lekach2021-06-16 10:00:00 UTC Polestar, an electric spinoff brand from Volvo and China-based Geely, is making its third EV next year. It’ll be called, predictably, the Polestar 3. But unlike its first two cars, this will be Polestar’s first SUV.  On Wednesday,…

knowledge Loki'

‘Loki’ cast Examine their knowledge to guess’everything he’s ever said’

By Shannon Connellan2021-06-16 09:48:38 UTC In a highlight of Disney’s cheeky new Loki series, the God of Mischief is asked to sign a document verifying everything he’s ever said, ever.  So, for a fun little promo bit, Marvel gathered Loki stars Tom Hiddleston, Wunmi Mosaku, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Owen Wilson to play a quote-guessing game.…