6 Things Rach Is Loving Right Now: Rainbow Dog Collars, Scraps Frozen Pizza, & More

1. Life Lessons

The Little Book of Life Skills cover and spine Illustration

I’m excited to share a few things I know—alongside pals like Bobby Flay, Jacques Pépin, and others—in Erin Zammett Ruddy’s The Little Book of Life Skills. If you’ve ever struggled with making a great cheese board, exiting a party gracefully, or keeping a houseplant alive (um, guilty!), this is the book for you.

2. Transformers

plush fox toy and Cubcoat illustration

We featured Cubcoats (starting at $45 each) on the show, and since then I’ve been buying them for everybody’s kids. They’re plush toys that unfold into sweatshirts. And they come in a ton of characters, so you can choose based on what the kids are into these days. They even make matching face masks!

3. Italian Spritz

Kelly + Jones Eau de Negroni perfume illustration

My girl Mary Giuliani gifted me this Kelly + Jones Eau de Negroni ($95 for 3.4 oz.) perfume. It reminds me of drinking aperitivos with her (which has happened a few times) and it smells like Italy: fresh citrus, Tuscan rosemary, and a touch of oakiness. So yummy! 

4. Cool Under the Collar

Get Wagging rainbow dog collar illustration

I came across Get Wagging on a trip to Austin. For every dog collar (starting at $15 each) they sell, the brand donates $5 to animal-rescue services. They also have a subscription service where you get a new collar seasonally, and you can donate your gently worn ones to a shelter dog. 

5. A Book of Chocolates

How beautiful are these bonbons ($25 for six-piece set) from Susanna Yoon’s Stick With Me Sweets? They come in crazy flavor combos like black sesame–passion fruit and bourbon-maple-pecan, and the boxes look like an old book. It’s great as a gift or just for Treat Yourself Tuesday. 

6. Ugly Delicious

cooked Scraps pizza illustration

A friend turned me onto Scraps frozen pizzas ($12.50 each). The company is run by two chicks from Brooklyn—so you know they know good pizza—and each pie is made with imperfect produce to fight food waste: There are ‘ugly’ peppers on the red romesco pie, and bruised basil on their green pesto pizza.

This article originally appeared in our Harvest 2020 issue. Get the magazine here.

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