All people thinks Sasha Banks is Rosario Dawson in ‘The Mandalorian’ trailer

Disney dropped the key trailer for season two of The Mandalorian, which is coming to Disney+ subsequent month.

One second in particular has folks barely puzzled. A new hooded persona featured in the trailer had all people on Twitter believing Rosario Dawson used to be a shock addition to the solid.

One train: This isn’t Rosario Dawson. No longer by a lengthy shot. This is WWE superstar Sasha Banks, one of many appropriate wrestlers in the world. With the exception of now now not all take care of Rosario Dawson, Banks is additionally INFINITELY cooler than Rosario Dawson,

I know the venn scheme of Necessary particular person Wars fans, and fans of genuine wrestling might presumably well perhaps be a pretty diminutive nick, so here’s what you’d like to clutch about Sasha Banks before you glimpse her in The Mandalorian.

No. 1: Sasha Banks is the boss.

No longer in a metaphorical sense. Banks’ gimmick in WWE is “The Boss,” and he or she totally owns it. Utilizing her in-your-face bravado, Banks is continually the most fascinating particular person in the ring at any time when she’s in a match, and her entrance trusty oozes fashion. In particular at Wrestlemania 32.

No. 2: Sasha Banks is linked to Snoop Dogg.

While you happen to watched the above video you’ll hear Snoop inform over with Banks as his “family,” which is de facto animated. The two are first cousins, and Snoop says he helped Banks secure her personality and fashion for her wrestling profession.

No. 3: There are rumors of a gladiatorial fight bright Banks’ persona in The Mandalorian.

This makes a ton of sense serious about her fight background, which makes her a natural fit for any roughly filmed fight sequence. Banks’ in-ring fashion might be very just a few excessive powered strikes, complemented by the “Bank Assertion,” her submission ending pass.

No. 4: This method we’re seemingly going to leer plenty extra of Sasha Banks in Hollywood.

It’s most fascinating natural for genuine wrestlers to are trying and originate the leap from the ring to the digicam when their careers wind down. Heck, witness at The Rock. Banks has the natural charisma to be a mountainous deal in Hollywood, the connections, and the athletic capability. It appears take care of a foregone conclusion that we’re going to be seeing extra of her correctly beyond The Mandalorian.

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