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America’s running out of N95 masks — therefore people are receiving these rather for $ two

Search hard enough and you will discover N95 masks available on the internet — but prices are gouged along with the US is running out of N95 respirators for health care employees.
For those reasons, people are swarming Amazon to stock up on Powecom KN95 face masks and $ two AccuMed cup design masks instead.
There are several other popular options available as well as Amazon, and we’ll cover the best ones .
A recent report by The Wall Street Journal attracts attention to an ongoing problem in the US which could not be troubling: the source of N95 masks for health care workers and other first responders is running seriously low. We are now about a year to the coronavirus pandemic and it sounds going to be quite a while before things start to settle down. Meanwhile, purchasing N95 masks online for yourself not merely means overpaying due to all the price-gouging out there, but it also potentially means taking crucial supplies away from initial responders.
Thankfully, the fantastic thing is that there are other popular choices out there that it is possible to choose from.
In terms of hand hygiene, there are some terrific hand sanitizer options on Amazon at this time. The hottest listings right now are 12-packs of 8oz Purell pump bottles, 1-liter refills, and travel-size bottles all sold directly by Amazon at the lowest prices we have found online. Where face masks are concerned, we have got a few bestselling alternatives that you check out.
Powecom KN95 face masks are undoubtedly the best selling respirators among our readers. In fact, they’ve been best-sellers ever since the coronavirus pandemic first started. Back thenthey price $45 each 10-pack plus they were a deal at that price, everything considered. At this time, you can pick up a 10-package for just $25. 99.
If you’re searching for popular alternatives that also come in various colours, we’ve got just the thing. AccuMed headband masks and AccuMed earloop masks are equally wildly popular choices which come in pink, white, and a sleek black color.
Additionally, there are newer AccuMed cup design masks which are even more popular for two chief reasons. To begin with they feature a firm cup structure that many people like over foldable masks. And second, they are on sale for only $2. 12 each thanks to some 15% coupon you can clip onto the product page.
These are our best choices and they’re the best selling masks one of our readers, but there are two more amazing choices we want to share also. If these masks sell out again, or if you’re seeking some variety to make certain you get masks with the best possible fit, check out COVAFLU KN95 facial masks and SupplyAID KN95 face masks. ) The COVAFLU masks are by a British healthcare firm named Clinova, and they’re extremely popular on Amazon. SupplyAID masks are just as hot, and 5-packs are in stock right now.
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