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Apple event calendar: Looking ahead 2022

Updated 1/13/22: We’re looking ahead to the events of 2022, now. Apple has not yet announced any specific events, products, or release dates, but we can make educated guesses based on its recent history and current rumors. Apple doesn’t often participate in big industry-wide events like CES or E3. The most valuable company in the world…

Updated 1/13/22: We’re looking ahead to the events of 2022, now. Apple has yet to announce any specific events, products or release dates. However, we can make educated guesses based upon its history and current rumors.

Apple isn’t often a participant in large industry events like CES and E3. Thank you very much, the most valuable company in world holds its own events. Apple hosts several events a year for industry professionals and the media to learn about its latest products. These are called “Special Events” by Apple, and streams them online to millions of its fans.

There’s also WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference), a multi-day event that takes place in the middle of each year and focuses on sessions for developers to help them get the most out the latest Apple tools. The keynote serves to announce new products, usually the latest iOS and macOS versions as well as some hardware products.

This article will be regularly updated as we gain more information about Apple’s yearly events and the products that it might introduce. Apple is very secretive and leaks and rumors about products can often be wrong. Keep in mind that you don’t know what Apple will do until they make a public announcement.

Spring 2022: iMac, iPads, and iPhone SE?

Apple held an event every spring for the past five years. It’s becoming more difficult to fit all the products and services into just two or three events, as Apple’s product portfolio grows.

The spring event typically takes place in March, but in 2021 the spring event was in April. What might Apple announce in 2022? The iPhone SE was last updated in 2020, and current iPhone SE rumors suggest a refreshed model in 2022. There are conflicting rumors about what to expect, but most think the new iPhone SE will resemble the current model, updated with an A15 processor and 5G capabilities.

Apple will also unveil some new Macs as part of its transition from Intel chips towards Apple Silicon. There are two rumored products that could be ready in time for a spring announcement: A new 27-inch iMac with mini-LED ProRes display and M1 Pro or M1 Max processor, and an updated Mac mini with those same new processors.

A spring event would mark one year since the last iPad Pro update, so we might see a new model with an “M2” processor that carries forth the architectural improvements of the A15. The iPad Air is also ready for a refresh.

Finally, there are persistent rumors of a new AirPods Pro, which might be ready for release by the spring. Apple releases AirPods in fall, however.

June 2022: WWDC

Apple holds its weekly-long developers conference every June. It usually takes place in the first or second week of each month. We expect WWDC 2022 to land in the June 6-10 week, though the 13-17 is a possibility.

Apple always reveals its new operating systems at WWDC, which means: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16.

Sometimes, new hardware makes an appearance at WWDC. It’s often the stuff developers care about most: “Pro” models Macs. New MacBook Pro models were just announced in late 2021, but the Mac Pro desktop could make an appearance, as could a new Mac mini (a favorite product among developers), along with an external monitor.

September 2022: iPhones and Apple Watch

September is when Apple releases new iPhones and an Apple Watch. We expect the iPhone 14 to offer a somewhat new design, and of course better performance and cameras. The Apple Watch Series 8 could bring the design changes we expected in 2021 but didn’t get, like flat edges and additional colors. The possibility of expanding the Watch range to three sizes is also being discussed.

October/November 2022: Additional products

Apple also has many other products that we can keep up to date. 2022

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