Easter episode

5 Easter Eggs From Episode 4 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier You Might Have Missed

Episode 4 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, entitled “The Whole World Is Watching”, rewarded longterm MCU fans with a return to Wakanda and a kickass fight scene featuring the Dora Milaje. But it was also full of subtler references and allusions, as a video on the Heavy Spoilers channel explains.Within the world of…

Evans showed

Luke Evans Just Showed Off His Ripped Abs in a Shirtless Thirst Trap

Luke Evans was clearly feeling himself when he woke up today. The 41-year-old actor uploaded a shirtless selfie to Instagram first thing this morning, offering a clear view of his pecs and shredded six-pack abs. He wrote “Morning world! Happy weekend!!” in the caption for the photo; no preamble or pretext for posting thirst on…

Champion Sparred

A UFC Champion Sparred With a Bodybuilder plus a Black Belt

UFC champion Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson regularly teams up with fellow athletes and YouTubers on his channel to keep his training fun. In one such video, he invites bodybuilder Houston Jones and karate black belt Sensei Seth to his gym for some sparring. Given that Thompson spends a lot of his time sparring, they decide to…

Elite swimmer

An Elite Swimmer Shared the Secret to Smashing World Records at Age 66

Like so many top swimmers, Philipp A. Djang, Ph.D., grew up swimming—learned when he was ten, swam for college (Southern Oregon State)—and then, also like so many swimmers, he took a break from competition. But the civilian scientist for the Army didn’t take a break from working out. “I did physical training—pushups, situps, running—triathlons, and…

‘An enormous

‘An enormous waste’: How stimulus checks play in red-state America

As stimulus checks from President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill make their way to 160 million American households, many Republican voters are showing little enthusiasm for the extra money. This marks the third time in a little over 12 months that Americans making less than $75,000 are receiving payments from the federal government. Last…

Amazon secures

Amazon secures majority of votes to block Alabama union effort

Amazon has secured enough votes to block a union effort at a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, proving the might of the online shopping giant and cutting off a path that labor activists had hoped would lead to similar efforts throughout the company and beyond.Amazon crossed the threshold to secure a majority of votes, with 1,798…

Passports' vaccine

Are vaccine passports legal in the US? Five questions.

The desire to revive the economy and cultural life of the country safely is coming into conflict with privacy and civil liberties concerns.With about a quarter of the U.S. having been vaccinated, some states, businesses, and schools are considering tools to track individuals’ status – also known as “vaccine passports.” Supporters say it would help…

Hasbro’s Optimus

Hasbro’s New $700 Optimus Prime Transforms All By Himself

HasbroThe best part about owning a Transformers toy is … well, transforming them. But it’s also the worst part because it’s never a fun process. Hasbro’s latest toy will solve that problem for a lot of money. For “just” $700, you can get an Optimus Prime that transforms itself and takes voice commands. Transformer toys come in…

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How to Hide Telegram Chats from the iPhone Share Sheet

If you’re using Telegram on your iPhone, you may have noticed chat suggestions from the app in the share sheet. If you want to keep your Telegram contacts out of the iPhone share sheet, you’re in the right place. Telegram allows you to customize your experience to only show certain types of contacts in the…

Apple's service’

Apple’s “Find My” Service Now Tracks VanMoof Electric Bikes

AppleHey Siri, can you help me find my … bike? Apple’s latest update to the “Find My” tracking service adds support for a variety of third-party devices, including VanMoof S3 and X3 electric bicycles. The news comes as Apple expands its Find My certification program for developers and, according to rumors, plans to release a…