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Best Cryptocurrency App: Choose Beneficial Ones In 2021!

Nowadays, digital currencies are becoming more and more popular.The reason is that they offer you a very convenient way to pay for what you purchase, send and receive money to or from people.Such currencies are called cryptocurrencies.The origin of this name is associated with the word ‘Crypto’ which means secret or a person who adheres…

Nowadays, digital currencies are becoming more and more popular.The reason is that they offer you a very convenient way to pay for what you purchase, send and receive money to or from people.

Such currencies are called cryptocurrencies.

The origin of this name is associated with the word ‘Crypto’ which means secret or a person who adheres or belongs secretly to a party, secret or other group.

Best Cryptocurrency App

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According to the name ‘Cryptocurrency’, you can find out that crypto transactions are operated secretly and crypto space is only accessible with mobile phone, personal computer, laptop or another device which has an access to the Internet.

So, first let’s take a look at the main advantages of cryptocurrency transactions attracting a great number of people across the world.

Best Cryptocurrency App

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Advantages of using cryptocurrencies

1. Cryptocurrency has a user autonomy

In my opinion, the major beneficial side of digital currency is that it gives its users autonomy.

It is evident that, using conventional fiat currencies has several restrictions and risks. For example, it is not the secret that traditional banks are at the mercy of boom and bust cycles in the economy.

At the end, this kind of situations could cause to the bank runs and crashes. If you are interested in history, you can find out that bank runs and crashes have occurred numerous times in the past.

Banks cannot control this kind of cycle and it means that you probably lose a large amount of money in your bank account because of the occurrence of this kind of situation.

Best Cryptocurrency App

It is bad that you, yourself do not have a privilege to control your own money, right?

In that case, cryptocurrency and crypto wallets come to aid you. The reason is that, cryptocurrencies give you the opportunity to control over your money and autonomy, which you cannot have if you use traditional fiat currencies and the services of traditional banks.

2. Transactions are pseudonymous

Many online transactions require the information about the identity of both sides, payer and receiver.

Take transferring money from one person to another one.

In that process, operation can be done, only when both receiver and payer are verificated.

You are required to pass through a similar process, that is identifying yourself in order to buy something online.

Bitcoins offers its users to operate transactions pseudonymously.

Best Cryptocurrency App

But, it does not mean that they are completely pseudonymous, as the transactions can only be identified through one way.

This way is the blockchain address. Every user can have multiple addresses, just as they can have multiple usernames and passwords for a single account.

You are not required to tell about your Internet Protocol(IP) addresses or other identifying information in order to conduct the transaction.

3. Peer-to-peer basis

The cryptocurrency system is completely peer-to-peer.

It means that you can receive money or send your money from or to anyone across the world.

Even if you are from South Africa and you are going to receive money from the person who lives in the United States, you can receive this money as a form of cryptocurrency, as I stated above it has many advantages compared to other currencies.

Best Cryptocurrency App

Or if you live in Russia, you can easily send money to the person who lives in Brazil. It is so convenient and good, right?

4. Mobility

With cryptocurrency, you can conduct transactions anywhere, if only you have an access to the Internet. Of course, other online payment systems also give you the same opportunity.

But conducting transactions through cryptocurrency means that, you do not have to travel to the bank or a store in order to purchase a service or product.

For using cryptocurrency, you only need to have a crypto app on your smartphone or personal computer.

Best Cryptocurrency App

And then you should create one cryptocurrency wallet, before starting to conduct transactions.

In this article I will recommend you 4 best crypto apps in 2021.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

1. Coinbase: One of the best crypto exchanges

Coinbase is a simple cryptocurrency app that enables you to buy and sell digital currencies, as well as, manage them easily.

It is an easy-to-use app, making it different from other apps. Apart from being an excellent mobile app, it provides you up-to-date information and news daily.

Among the best cryptocurrency apps Coinbase is the one which gives you a chance to stay informed about the trading fees and prices of your assets not only with the help of the mobile app, but also through the official website.


It is one of the largest cryptocurrency apps, gathering 56 million users around the world. It helps you exchange digital assets, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and others.

In addition, for beginner traders there is a higher chance to build the knowledge and get experience in trading cryptocurrency and how to buy, sell your digital assets.

Stay tuned!

It has a number of smart tools which ease the process of crypto exchange and at the same time gives you information on recent updates and new features that help you to create your portfolio and learn how to act in a trading platform.

Safety features

Most cryptocurrency apps are not reliable enough in terms of privacy and safety of your data. However, Coinbase is an exact crypto app which provides you with high quality safety standards and multi-stage verification of your account.

It has a feature that you may set a lock to your mobile app with a passcode and control it remotely even in cases of loss.

Assets supported by Coinbase:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Basic Attention Token, 0x, and USD Coin.



It is one of the best trading platforms connecting thousands of crypto traders around the world. is one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps in the world. In addition, it is one of the best places for cryptocurrency trading and investing.

This cryptocurrency exchange is designed for:
  • Crypto traders of all skill levels and those who simply make cryptocurrency investments who are interested in cryptos and novel ways to earn passive income like staking.


  • Special feature that allows you to use 2 wallets
  • If there are experienced users, they are ablr to earn interest
  • Very clear structure and interface to understand

Top perks

There are two wallet options on

With the help of one of these options, you are able to make cryptocurrency exchanges in a short period of time.

It is possible to manage and keep your storage wallet privately.

In order to get Bitcoin into cold storage, you should first create an offline Bitcoin address.

This address offers users of both public and private keys which never go online. (until you’re ready to spend it).

Trading wallet of is designed for trading cryptocurrency.

This digital wallet is a good fit for beginner traders who have not much experience in that area and whose goal is practicing by using brokerage apps.

I think that, this feature of makes it one of the best crypto exchange apps and one of the best places to make crypto to crypto conversions.

Moreover, during my research on the best crypto app, I found out that cryptocurrency app of some trading platforms are inconvenient to use for their users, especially for those who have desire of trading cryptocurrency.

After using the trading platform and app of for a while, I realised that many other apps might be difficult to trade cryptocurrency, but is one of the best cryptocurrency apps in the world.

Best Cryptocurrency App

The following currencies are supported by Blockchain:
  • U.S. Dollar;
  • British Pound;
  • European Union Euros;
  • Turkish Lira.

It is available to get free coins with program called Airdrop on

It is only allowed to use coins on their own blockchains, like Bitcoin Ethereum. You can count nearly every altcoin as a token.

Only those users who have a main wallet for storage can be eligible for a free token.

Interest-earning feature of

You have an opportunity to earn an interest by using Interest Account of

It is possible to earn an interest on a stored amount for eligible users. Money earned by users can be moved to the wallet.

Allowed currencies are given below:

  • USD Digital ($100 minimum)
  • Bitcoin ($300 minimum)
  • Bitcoin Cash ($1 minimum)
  • Ether ($100 minimum)
  • Stellar Lumens ($1 minimum)
  • Tether ($100 minimum)

Best Cryptocurrency App

Blockchain.coin is one the best ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the best trading platforms that enables its users to make purchases in almost all trading pairs.

Also, you are not required to pay expensive trading fees for using the service of

You can send your money from your debit card to your one of wallets in a very convenient and easy way.

That’s why, I consider wallet as one of the best crypto wallets.

Another good feature of is that, it gives you the opportunity to make crypto to crypto conversions with other users.

This is the reason why is considered as one of the best trading apps in which the most exchanges are made.

So, do not miss the opportunity to sign up to one of the best cryptocurrency apps and make your first crypto portfolio right now.


3. Brave

Unique side of Brave

Brave is such a unique crypto app that you can earn tokens while you are simply browsing in Brave crypto app, or more precisely Brave browser.

Users can earn Basic Attention Token, if they view privacy-preserving ads on Brave.

I think that, it is that nice feature of Brave that can make it not only one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps, but also one of the most popular mobile apps in the near future.

Users’ Privacy as a priority

Privacy of its users is the priority of Brave. Brave do not give the opportunity to sites to track you by default.

It is one of the few cryptocurrency apps that have such feature.

This browser and kind of crypto app is especially designed for those who are fed up with encountering ads on the internet. Instead of these ad

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