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Daniel Eisenberg

March 18th, 2023

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BBC granted approval to build £200m facility in Birmingham

Digbeth’s historic Typhoo Tea Building is set to become the BBC’s new home in Birmingham following its recent green light for repurposement. Developer Stoford is taking on the challenge of transforming the Bordesley Street landmark into a state-of-the-art net zero carbon in construction office building, where several BBC editorial teams will eventually be housed.

Demolition of the building is scheduled to begin within the next few months, allowing construction to commence shortly after. The two year renovation project will guarantee the availability of a new public square in time for the arrival of the first BBC staff at Typhoo Wharf. This new square will prove a great addition to the neighbourhood, providing residents with a new and exciting public plaza to enjoy.

The Typhoo Tea Building has been a part of Birmingham’s ‘Custard Town’ district since 1930. It served as the main office of Typhoo - one of the UK’s oldest tea companies - but was closed in 2014 following 75 years of service. Its iconic façade and external features were pivotal during its tenure, kept intact by Stoford as a demonstration of their respect for the local area’s history and culture.

The transformation of Typhoo Wharf will bring with it even more strides in sustainability. Stoford's plans include a range of green initiatives, such as LED lighting, solar panels, a green roof and locally sourced materials. The building is also expected to reap rewards from the introduction of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including charging points for over 100 cars.

The Typhoo Tea Building is a precious reminder of Birmingham’s past, so it’s refreshing to see its legacy being respected and maintained. Not only that, but its new capabilities promise to further enhance its environment’s sustainability and make it fit for purpose as the BBC’s new home.

Ultimately, Stoford is ensuring that the Typhoo Tea Building will enjoy a long lifespan as a key part of Birmingham’s cityscape for many years to come. In the coming months and years, we look forward to seeing the transformation from industrial relic to modern office space take shape.