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Daniel Eisenberg

March 16th, 2023

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Christians Denied Permission to Build in Indonesia by Muslim Population

The village of Mabar, located in the northeastern part of Borneo Island in Indonesia, recently made headlines when it was revealed that Muslim villagers had prohibited a local church from constructing a worship building. This decision highlights the struggles faced by Christians there who are seeking to establish places of worship and practice their faith.

Government regulations in Indonesia require permission for any building project, including construction of religious buildings. In the case of Mabar, the church was denied permission and is now unable to build its worship building. This has caused concern among members of the Christian community and rights advocates as they fear this could be indicative of a larger trend in Indonesia, as obtaining authorization to build places of worship can be an onerous and difficult process.

At present, the people of Mabar Church are hoping that they will eventually be able to complete their building project, but it’s unclear what the future holds. Christian leaders are calling on the Indonesian government to make it easier for believers to construct places of worship, but there has yet to be any meaningful change in policy.

This situation demonstrates the importance of collaboration and support for those facing persecution for their faith. Organizations such as Morning Star News are vital in raising awareness and providing news coverage, but they need support from donors to allow them to continue their work. If you or your organization would like to contribute to the cause, please visit the Morning Star News website to find out how you can help.

The people of Mabar Church are currently going through a difficult time, and it is up to concerned citizens and religious rights organizations to ensure that their right to practice their faith freely is respected. Support for persecuted Christians in Indonesia is paramount, and we must all work together to provide aid and solidarity for those whose basic human rights are being violated.