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Daniel Eisenberg

March 16th, 2023

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Groundbreaking Begins on I-270 Mississippi River Bridge Project

For St. Louis commuters, the news of a new Interstate 70 bridge over the Mississippi River between Missouri and Illinois is exciting! This new "Chain of Rocks Bridge" will be in addition to the existing bridge, which opened in 1966 between St. Louis and Madison County, Illinois.

In addition to building the new bridge, the project includes the installation of a new diverging diamond interchange at the I-270 Riverview Drive intersection in St. Louis. The unique design of the diverging diamond interchange allows for greater levels of efficiency and safety as it eliminates left-hand turns across opposing traffic. The new bridge will have three lanes in either direction and improved shoulders to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

Once the new span is built south of the existing Chain of Rocks Bridge and opened to the public, the two existing, four lane-bridges will be demolished. The existing bridge, which is 5,400 feet long, consists of 43 spans, so it's quite a feat to build an additional span that is just as long!

The new Chain of Rocks Bridge will help ease the burden on current capacity by increasing the overall lane width and maintaining the safety of existing structures. Further, the bridge will improve connectivity between the surrounding communities, business districts and recreational areas on both sides of the river. This is sure to be great news for travelers and business owners alike!

The construction of the new bridge is expected to begin soon with plans to open it for traffic in 2021. It's estimated that the project will cost approximately $239 million and will create thousands of jobs in the area.

Overall, the addition of the new Chain of Rocks Bridge is sure to bring plenty of positive changes to the region. Those who live, work and visit St. Louis can look forward to improved traffic flow and increased safety, thanks to this long-awaited bridge project.