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Daniel Eisenberg

March 16th, 2023

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Osborne CEO Resigns Amid Sale of Remote Division

Offsite construction is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to build structures, and Osborne just took a big step to stay ahead of the trend. They recently announced that they are selling their offsite manufacturer Innovare Systems to Bowmer + Kirkland in a move that allows the company to focus on its core business.

Offsite construction has been steadily gaining traction in recent years due to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness it offers. Instead of constructing a building or structure onsite, it’s completed offsite in a controlled environment before being shipped and assembled onsite. The advantages of offsite construction include reduced labour costs, faster construction times, and improved quality control and safety.

Osborne’s decision to move away from offsite construction comes only a few months after they sold their infrastructure business to private equity in 2021, a move which reportedly aided their use of offsite construction. Chairman Andrew Osborne commented: “Today’s strategic changes will ensure our core business can be successful in the years ahead. Everyone at Osborne is proud of Innovare’s growth and I know the company will continue to thrive under its new ownership.”

By selling Innovare Systems, Osborne is freeing up resources to focus on other areas like real estate, construction and property management. This move indicates that the company is confident in their offsite construction technology and trusts Bowmer + Kirkland to take care of the business going forward. It also signals that the company is aware of the potential that offsite construction holds, and wants to make sure they are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise.

Offsite construction is an increasingly popular way to build structures, and Osborne’s decision to sell off Innovare Systems could be a wise one. By focusing on its core business, the company can remain competitive while keeping an eye on the potential of offsite construction. It’s clear that Osborne is taking steps to ensure their future success, and this sale of Innovare Systems could help them stay ahead of the competition.