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Daniel Eisenberg

March 17th, 2023

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Poly Bridge 3, the Goofy Bridge-Builder, Set to Release in May

The Poly Bridge series is back with a third entry from developer Dry Cactus: Poly Bridge 3! Launching on May 30th, the physics-based bridge-building game will continue to offer experimental gameplay and unstable bridge construction, but with more challenge than ever before.

Poly Bridge first appeared in 2011 as a bridge-building simulator, designed to let players experiment with physics and engineering concepts. Players use a range of materials, including metal girders, cables and pylons, to build bridges capable of carrying cars and other vehicles over rivers, valleys and other obstacles. In each level, they’re given a set budget, time limit, and materials to work with.

The original title was successful enough that it spawned sequels, with Poly Bridge 2 appearing in 2018. This added improved graphics, additional materials and obstacles, as well as new vehicles and levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Now, Poly Bridge 3 is set to take the franchise to new heights.

This third installment will include new challenging levels and bridge designs for gamers to test their creativity and engineering skills. The sandbox mode allows players to experiment with bridge designs free of constraints like budgets and time limits, while the redesigned career mode offers a wider selection of puzzles and more rewards.

For those who've played previous Poly Bridge games, there will be plenty of familiar elements, such as the ability to customize bridges, add decorations and express themselves through their masterpiece. The sequel also includes improved graphics and enhanced physics engine, making it even more realistic and immersive.

Since 2011, the Poly Bridge series has been a sleeper hit for Dry Cactus, selling over six million copies. With its innovative bridge-building gameplay and accessible physics engine, the games have inspired generations of budding engineers, physicists and architects. With its third installment coming, the franchise is sure to continue inspiring those interested in building and engineering.