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Daniel Eisenberg

March 16th, 2023

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Severfield Acquires Dutch Steel Contractor for £21 Million

Severfield, a North Yorkshire-based steel fabrication firm, recently acquired Voortman Steel Construction Holding B.V. (VSCH), a Dutch steel contractor based in Rijssen, in the east of the Netherlands, for €24m (£21.2m). This acquisition is part of Severfield’s ongoing efforts to expand their operations into Europe and open new opportunities, particularly in the electricity distribution sector.

The addition of the Dutch steel contractor to their stable of European businesses gives Severfield access to a manufacturing base. As well as the potential to break into lucrative markets, such as electricity distribution, Severfield thinks the acquisition will be profitable by 2024. Alan Dunsmore, Severfield’s Chief Executive, commented that this acquisition would help them “continue to deliver on its growth strategy”.

This expansion into Europe is an important milestone for Severfield. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality products to a wider market. The new venture in Europe makes the company more competitive and is expected to allow them to provide better customer service to their customers. This acquisition also demonstrates Severfield’s confidence in the future prospects of the European market.

Not only will this move give Severfield access to a wide range of European markets, it will also help them to develop their capabilities. With the expansion of their production base they can increase the efficiency and accuracy of their processes. This will enable them to produce higher quality steel products faster, allowing them to meet customer demands more efficiently.

Overall, Severfield’s acquisition of Voortman Steel Construction Holding B.V. is a smart move that will allow them to tap into the potential of the European market and bring more value to their customers. With the new capabilities they’ll have access to, they will be able to compete more effectively both regionally and globally. This is an exciting development for Severfield and should lead to more success in the years to come.