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Daniel Eisenberg

March 18th, 2023

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Uncertainty for Contractors due to Bank Failures

The banking industry in the US is facing increasing uncertainty and pressure, due to recent bank closures. This has spillover effects on the construction industry, some of which may prove worrying to contractors and other stakeholders.

Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank were recently closed, but luckily this did not affect individual contractors or their projects, according to Ken Simonson, chief economist at the Associated General Contractors of America in Arlington, Virginia. However, smaller and regional banks are likely to become more stringent, in terms of their lending activity. This will make it difficult for contractors to close loans for certain projects.

Greg Ross, the industry managing partner at Grant Thornton accounting firm in Chicago, explains that the tightening of credit lines is certainly worrisome for the construction industry. Many contractors depend on these lines of credit for their projects, so these sudden changes can be disruptive. It could be difficult to push through project financing, in such a tight lending environment.

Furthermore, the uncertain banking situation could extend to the availability of insurance for construction projects as well. Banks typically offer bonding or some form of insurance to protect contractors’ investments. With their lines of credit being tightened, however, they may be less willing to provide such protection. This could add to contractors’ concerns, in the wake of the banking closures.

Financial market uncertainty has implications beyond just credit lines and insurance. The financial markets could also be affected in a variety of other ways, from higher interest rates to decreased liquidity. All these factors could lead to a slowdown in the construction industry, causing a ripple effect across the economy.

The outlook for the construction industry is far from certain, however. Although the banking sector is facing pressure and closures, the impact on the construction industry should not be overstated. Contractors and other stakeholders must stay vigilant and take measures to protect themselves in the future.

Overall, the banking industry has experienced a great deal of upheaval in recent weeks, and this has created some uncertainty in the construction industry. Contractors must remain aware of the potential risks posed by tightened credit lines, reduced insurance availability, and other impacts on the financial markets. In this way, they can prepare accordingly and minimize any unexpected shocks that may occur in the coming months.