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Broadway Has A Few Cool Buildings You Have Probably Never Heard

A walk up Broadway takes one past some of Manhattan’s most celebrated buildings—the Custom House, the Woolworth Building, City Hall, the Flatiron. Along the way there are also countless other fascinating, if less well-known, structures that are worth more than just a casual glance. Here are some favorites:Bowling Green Offices (5-11 Broadway)The Bowling Green Offices…

A walk up Broadway takes You past some of Manhattan’s most Renowned buildings–the Custom House, the Woolworth Building, City Hall, the Flatiron.

There are also. Below are a few favorites:

Bowling Green Offices (5-11 Broadway)

The Bowling Green Offices is a large building, but it’s not hard to overlook. The fun here is from the architect’s mixture of construction styles. The overall massing of the building is sculptural and bold Egyptian in feel. The sharp and elegant detailing is a veritable encyclopedia of Greek motifs.

8 Thomas Street

Just a few steps west of Broadway is among the very few surviving buildings in New York that embrace the design principle of the great British Victorian critic John Ruskin. Each floor of this designed stone and brick construction has its own distinct personality.

463 Broadway

A modern structure that addresses multiple layout challenges with grace and style. The five-story main block houses tenants and tactfully keeps the historical roofing line across Broadway. There climbs A setback flat tower above. It has a separate entrance round the corner on Mercer Street. Notice the way the builder has left the quarter of the lot open to provide a personal green space for tenants and light for the flats.

670 Broadway (Brooks Brothers)

Since its founding 1818 Brooks Brothers has had five houses at New York, that is actually the fourth largest and architecturally the most arresting. The building is muscular and assertive: dark red brick, contrasting rock, cast iron that is identifying. There is crisply patterned brickwork, incised decoration iron, and some of the capitals from town.

1407 Broadway

Despite a misguided recent renovation which stripped the construction of its original pink and green trim, 1407 is still an exciting building in how it manages to address the Manhattan street grid and Broadway’s diagonal path. The three lower stories are put parallel while the tower pivots to align with the grid. At 39th Street the base and tower mix.

240 Central Park South

An apartment house with an innovative and complicated plan at the dramatic spot where Broadway meets Central Park. Towers of diverse heights are organized to ensure maximum light and atmosphere. At street level stores zig-zag diagonally down Broadway. Their roof is a private garden.

Broadway Fashion Building (2315 Broadway)

A stylish surprise within this darkened area of stone and brick. Steel, glass, and glazed terra cotta climb to a parapet with mountain peaks that are stylized. The result is glamorous — perfect for what was meant as an uptown shopping destination, although the substances may be industrial.

NW Corner Construction, Colu

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