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Brooklyn Nets embrace Bitcoin despite the coin’s recent plummet

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Cryptocurrencies have entered pretty much every business. Prominent basketball team, Brooklyn Nets is the most current one to adopt digital assets.

The development of cryptocurrencies has put the market on a base. The crypto-verse has captured the attention of many throughout the years. Crypto’s relationship with basketball goes far back as groups like Sacramento Kings have been accepting Bitcoin because 2014. BSE Global, the parent company of Brooklyn Nets, became the latest firm to announce its interest in Bitcoin.

Brooklyn Nets to accept BTC to get merch and tickets

The New York Daily, recently reported that BSE Global will be inclining towards the crypto market. The CEO of Nets, John Abbamondi pointed out that the team will soon be accepting BTC as a potential payment method in the not too distant future. He noted that the basketball franchise would make statements pertaining to the exact same in the next few months or weeks.

Bitcoin’s current downfall has abandoned the entire community in shock. Despite this massive slump, people were spotted purchasing the dip. The Nets appear to be making this statement right when the marketplace is not in very good shape. While revealing that the basketball team had been engaging in conversations with several partners, Abbamondi included,

“We’re watching the space very closely. […] It’s a very interesting and exciting space, and I think particularly with regards to Bitcoin, I think it’s here to stay.”

Furthermore, the CEO also suggested that the firm was extremely cautious while picking potential partners as”some of the players in this space are not as reputable as some others.”

Speaking about Bitcoin, Abbamondi pointed out Bitcoin’s potential in becoming a”force for good in the minority community.” The growth of the crypto business, from being associated with all the dark net to growing to a $2 trillion industry has caught the eye of many. The CEO of Brooklyn Nets has j

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