Amazon launches Alexa Custom Assistant to let brands build their own voice assistants

With Alexa Custom Assistant, Amazon looks to woo brands with tools that enable them to create their own bespoke intelligent…

1 day ago

A Few of Your Amazon Ring Cameras Now Have End-to-End Encryption

What a difference a year can make. Early last year, Ring’s reputation took some hefty dings due to its handling…

2 days ago

Filing: Amazon cautioned Parler for weeks about”more than 100″ violent dangers

Parler's volunteer mods allegedly had a backlog of more than 26,000 posts.

3 days ago

Amazon says violent Articles prompted Parler shutdown

In a court filing late Tuesday, Amazon said it booted right-wing social network Parler from its AWS cloud service after…

4 days ago

Amazon has pulled Parler offline

What’s happening: Parler, a site that bills itself as a “free speech social network” and that was widely used to…

4 days ago

Amazon cuts off Parler’s Web hosting following Apple, Google bans

so long — The app will need to find new Web hosting by Sunday or go offline. Kate Cox -…

5 days ago

Amazon To Remove Parler From Web Services, Adding To Platform’s Suspensions

Amazon has followed in Apple and Google’s footsteps with plans to kick the conservative social platform Parler off its Web…

6 days ago

Amazon suspends hosting for Parler

Amazon will suspend social media site Parler from its server hosting service on Sunday over violent content that has also…

7 days ago

The finest Amazon original show available today

Amazon Studios has plenty of great originals, and we're sharing our picks for the best of the best. From The…

1 week ago

Amazon buys airplanes for the first time to expand its freight air fleet

Back in 2016, Amazon’s cargo air fleet (then known as Prime Air) consisted of 11 jets. By the end of…

2 weeks ago