Americans Homeless

Homeless Americans fear vaccine conspiracies. Here’s how cities are intervening.

Many cities have begun the work of vaccinating homeless individuals housed within their shelter systems, but few municipalities have ventured into the streets.

Almost Americans

Nearly half of Americans financially fighting 1 year after COVID-19 struck

In this tale of two economies, 40% of Americans have had a job cut or layoff — while 30% say they’re better off than a year ago.

Americans multiracial

‘What are you?’ How multiracial Americans respond and how it’s changing

The number of multiracial Asian Americans is growing – and how the way they define themselves and talk about identity are also changing.

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Americans Are Warming Up to Covid-19 Vaccines, Poll Finds

Americans Are Warming Up to Covid-19 Vaccines, Poll Finds  GizmodoMy wife is vaccinated. I’m not. The difference feels huge  Los Angeles TimesMainers 60 and older eligible for COVID-19 vaccine next week as state shifts to age-based rollout  Press HeraldStudy: Lack of mask-use at gyms key factor in outbreaks  KITV HonoluluCOVID-19 and cardiovascular disease  LEX18View Full Coverage on Google News

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500,000 Americans Now Dead from COVID-19

The novel coronavirus is now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. — behind heart disease and cancer, but ahead of accidents, respiratory diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and the flu. WebMD Health News

Americans Percent

Over 50 Percent of Americans Approve of Biden’s Performance During His First Month in Office

Thirty days into his presidency, Biden has the support of more than half of Americans, though his approval tends to fall heavily along party lines.

Americans Nearly

Nearly 60% of Americans Think the Media Are Liars and That Is as Good as It Is Going to Get

Nearly 60% of Americans Think the Media Are Liars and That Is as Good as It Is Going to Get

Americans Black

Black Americans are stranded in ‘mental health deserts.’ Here’s what that means.

While Black Americans suffer mental illness in rates similar to the general population, they are more likely to live in mental health deserts without proper care.

Americans Believe

More Americans Believe Joe Biden ‘Very Responsible’ for Capitol Riot Than Mike Pence: Poll

A 52 percent majority of Americans believe that former President Donald Trump is “very responsible” for the U.S. Capitol insurrection, although 49 percent of Republicans insist that the former president is “not at all responsible,” according to a new poll.

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160 million Americans beneath winter alerts as generally warm regions see snow

More than 160 million Americans are under winter weather alerts Sunday as storms on both coasts span the country, affecting Texas, Oklahoma, the Midwest.