Awesome Cuphead

Cuphead Will Have An Awesome Decade-Long ‘Animated’ Museum Exhibit

Off to Melbourne we go… © Studio MDHRCuphead was quite a boon back in the day when it was unveiled by Xbox as an exclusive, and it was even better news when Microsoft – such buddies with Nintendo – supported what turned out to be an outstanding port to Nintendo Switch. It’s one of the…

Awesome Hidden

9 Amazing hidden iOS 14 features that will transform your iPhone

You probably think you’ve mastered iOS 14 by now, but there’s a lot more than the App Library and picture-in-picture videos. There’s so much, in fact, some of iOS 14’s best features aren’t the ones Apple pops up tutorial cards for. They’re buried layers deep in Settings or hidden behind interface actions you don’t make…

Awesome Check’

You have to check This out Amazing Google Search Easter egg

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover has finally landed on the red planet, kicking off a two-year mission that will include analysis of the surface of the planet as well as a search for signs of ancient life. Google embedded an Easter egg celebrating that Mars rover landing in a Google Search results page, which is shown…

Awesome StormBox

The awesome StormBox Micro wireless speaker is now just $35

Tribit’s StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker stacks up well against Bose’s $100 SoundLink Micro. For a limited time, it’s just $35.

Awesome reveals

Leak Shows an awesome new Android 12 Attribute that Consumers will love

Google is working on a new storage feature that might be included in the Android 12 update set to launch later this year. Called app hibernation, the feature will allow users to free up storage by having the system automatically hibernate unused apps. The feature sounds a lot like the Offload Unused Apps iPhone storage…

Awesome Mirror

Save Big on The Mirror With This Awesome Flash Sale Today

Just in time for your New Year’s resolution.

Accessories Awesome

Awesome accessories to gift folks who can’t be separated from their laptops

Home News Computing (Image credit: Drazen Zigic / Shutterstock) Gifts for laptop owners are a dime a dozen. Still, it isn’t that hard to choose a great gift that will please even the most gadget-loaded technophile. You just have to know where to look and what to look for. When it comes to laptop owners who…