bacteria Specific

Particular bacteria in the gut prompt mother mice to fail their pups

As scientists learn more about the microorganisms that colonize the body—collectively called the microbiota—one area of intense interest is the effect that these microbes can have on the brain. A new study led by Salk Institute scientists has identified a strain of E. coli bacteria that, when living in the guts of female mice, causes…

bacteria Carbon-chomping

Carbon-chomping soil bacteria may pose concealed climate threat

Much of the earth’s carbon is trapped in soil, and scientists have assumed that potential climate-warming compounds would safely stay there for centuries. But new research from Princeton University shows that carbon molecules can potentially escape the soil much faster than previously thought. The findings suggest a key role for some types of soil bacteria,…

bacteria Sun-Loving

Sun-Loving Bacteria May Be Accelerating Glacial Melting

Scientists find that cyanobacteria cause sediments on glaciers to clump, thus absorbing more sunlight. It’s not great news for fans of lower sea levels.

'Iron bacteria

Just how’Iron Man’ Germs could help protect the environment

This Geobacter cell—which looks a bit like a gray peanut in this microscope image—is speckled with a dark coating of cobalt minerals that would be toxic to many organisms. Credit: Hunter Dulay, MSU When Michigan State University’s Gemma Reguera first proposed her new research project to the National Science Foundation, one grant reviewer responded that…