Biden Wisely Rejoins Global Fight Against Climate Change

Biden Wisely Rejoins Global Fight Against Climate Change

15 hours ago

The Biden administration’s AI plans: what we might expect

On Wednesday, the US waited with bated breath as president Trump handed the government reins over to president Biden. The…

21 hours ago

Biden Administration Expands P-EBT to Benefit Millions of Low-Income and Food Insecure Children During Pandemic

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2021 — The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced several efforts today to expand nutrition assistance to hard-hit…

23 hours ago

Biden Dictates review of National violent extremism threat

President Joe Biden has directed his intelligence community to study the threat of domestic extremism in the United States

1 day ago

Biden is a standard American Catholic: He supports legal abortion around the world.

The president plans to issue an executive order rescinding the Mexico City Policy, which restricts U.S. foreign aid if charities…

2 days ago

Biden inherited one of the worst hacks ever. How will his administration react?

Biden faces two main problems: how to punish Russia, if at all; and how to fully kick its hackers out…

2 days ago

Biden needs a $15 hourly national minimum wage. Is America ready?

Raising the federal minimum wage "would provide a much-needed financial shot in the arm for many of those still in…

2 days ago

Biden Signs 10 New Orders to Help Fight COVID-19

The orders establish a COVID-19 response office and mask requirement in airports, federal buildings. AAFP applauds action, most of which…

2 days ago

Could Joe Biden Save American Catholicism in the Far Right?

Biden is the kind of flexible, independent-minded Catholic whom many bishops have spent their careers taking to task—and many progressive…

2 days ago

Biden Aims for 100 Million COVID Vaccinations in First 100 Days

It will not be an easy task -- Read more on

2 days ago