Police: Black teens wrongly detained at Target in California

VENTURA, Calif. (AP) — The Los Angeles County sheriff’s department has said three teens, who are Black, were wrongly detained…

13 hours ago

‘Black Widow’ Woes: Who Could Last As Cory’s Partner On The Challenge?

For a game called Double Agents, the latest Challenge season has found veteran Cory spending a whole lot of time…

3 days ago

Monster black hole spews energy as regularly as Yellowstone’s ‘Old Faithful’

Home News A supermassive black hole partially consumes an orbiting giant star. In this illustration, the gas pulled from the…

3 days ago

Black Americans Are Getting COVID Vaccines at Lower Rates Than White Americans

Black Americans are receiving COVID vaccinations at dramatically lower rates than white Americans in the first weeks of the chaotic…

3 days ago

Panels Set For Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center’s 11th Annual Youth Diversity Film Festival This Weekend

The 11th annual Youth Diversity Film Festival will open this weekend, featuring panel discussions and more than 60 films by…

1 week ago

Sister of Black woman killed by U.S. Capitol Police expects riot will shed light on upsetting situation

Seeing rioters storm the Capitol brought up sad memories for Valarie Carey, whose sister Miriam was shot by Capitol Police…

1 week ago

The Black Vault releases trove of all CIA’s classified UFO documents

A stunning collection of UFO documents is now available for you to download and dig through.

1 week ago

Mortgage Tech: Black Knight, CoreLogic and Mutual of Omaha

As more and more mortgage tech companies enter the scene, competition for accessibility gained speed this week as proptech entered…

1 week ago

Black and Hispanic Californians face health discrimination; less trusting of clinicians

A recent statewide survey of Californians uncovered that 30% of Black adults and 13% of Hispanic adults felt that they…

2 weeks ago

Black people tried to tell y’all about Trump. So yeah, we’ve got jokes now.

There's a longstanding legacy of Black people laughing to keep from crying while just trying to survive in a country…

2 weeks ago