breaks McGregor

Ewan McGregor breaks down Obi-Wan Kenobi’s many haircuts

Obi-Wan Kenobi was first introduced way back in 1977, when he was played by Alec Guinness in “Star Wars.” But at this point, Ewan McGregor has spent a lot more time playing Kenobi than Guinness ever did. He played him in all three prequel films and will soon be returning to the role in his…

-Pound breaks

500-pound Bear Enters 28 Homes in Search of Food

500-pound bear Hank the Tank Looking for Grub!!! Keeps Busting into Homes 2/21/2022 9:53 AM PT Big boys gotta eat … especially when those big boys are massive bears like Hank, who’s now broken into at least 28 homes in search of food!!! The city of South Lake Tahoe, CA has quite the menace roaming…

breaks Malibu

Fire Breaks Out at SoHo Malibu, Celeb Hot Spot

SoHo Malibu Fire Erupts at Celeb Hot Spot … Shuts Down Club 2/11/2022 7:03 PM PT Soho’s Little Beach House Malibu is quite literally a celebrity hot spot … because a fire erupted at the swanky oceanside club. A portion of the restaurant, which sits next door to the famous Nobu Malibu, burst into flames…

breaks Nokia

Nokia breaks Standalone 5G record using ‘world first’ technique

Home News Mobile Phones (Image credit: Google) Nokia, China Mobile (CMCC) and MediaTek have achieved a record 5G Standalone (5G SA) speed of 3Gbps thanks to the world’s first test of three component carrier aggregation technology.Nearly all early 5G deployments to date have relied on Non-standalone 5G (NSA 5G), which uses new radio technologies but…

breaks Steam

Steam sets a new concurrent user record, moving closer to 30,000,000

What just happened? Over the weekend, Steam once again set a record for the most concurrent users in what has been a long, steady rise. Its latest bump was likely helped by PUBG going free-to-play and a new Yu-Gi-Oh game. It’s only a matter of time before Valve’s platform reaches 30 million. Steamdb’s charts show…

breaks Weeknd

The Weeknd breaks this Billboard Global 200 record with ‘Dawn FM

And just like that, The Weeknd breaks the record for the most songs charting in a single week by a male solo artist on Billboard’s Global 200 chart. The Toronto-bred crooner had 24 songs charts simultaneously as of Wednesday (Jan. 19). His fifth studio album, Dawn FM, became an international success as it topped the charts…

breaks Johnson

Ron Johnson breaks his term-limit pledge to continue serving the billionaire class

Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin senator who has caused jaws to drop by promoting Covid vaccine skepticism while at the same time suggesting that gargling with mouthwash might help beat the virus, is running for reelection after pledging to quit at the end of his current term. Johnson broke his promise not with an apologetic announcement…

breaks Trainer

Five Common Causes of Pain from Deadlifts: A Top Trainer explains

Deadlifts are one of the most foundational exercises in the gym, for good reason. The movement that hits the entire posterior chain (lower back muscles, glutes, and hamstrings), and serves as one of the big three powerlifting events. But some lifters stay away from the exercise as a point of principle, and claim it’s a…

breaks Steam

Steam Breaks New Record, With More Players Than Ever Before

Plunkbat Plunkbat Plunkbat Plunkbat Plunkbat Plunkbat PlunkbatScreenshot: Bluehole StudioAs the unstoppable virus of Sundays continues its gruesome pandemic into a new week, it seems more humans than ever are turning to video games in order to survive. On the 10th Sunday since the outbreak began, January 2, Steam broke its concurrent user record, hitting just…

breaks Montana

Montana Dem splits with his party and boasts rural sensibilities for longshot bid to House seat

A crush of candidates jumped into the race for Montana’s new House seat created in the 2020 Census redistricting, but Democrat Jack Ballard is going the other way. He is gunning for the 2nd Congressional District and incumbent Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale, who holds what was previously the state’s single at-large district. Mr. Ballard is…