Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ ending with season 8 on NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return to NBC for its eighth and final season in the 2021-2022 broadcast season. Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 will consist of just 10 episodes, which is down from a high of 23 in seasons 2 and 3 on Fox and down from 13 in season 7 on NBC. NBC hasn’t announced a…

“We Brooklyn

‘We Are: The Brooklyn Saints’: Youth Football With Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Netflix’s affecting gridiron docuseries explores class and race divisions, family dynamics, and the joy of the game

Brooklyn Judge

Son of Brooklyn Judge Charged in Capitol Siege, Furry Shield Guy

The guy who was wearing animal fur and parading around with a policeman’s shield inside the Capitol building during last week’s riot is the son of a prominent judge in Brooklyn … who now has to watch his boy go through the criminal justice…

Brooklyn Should

Are We Sure the Brooklyn Nets Should Want James Harden?

Kathy Willens/Associated PressSuperstar trade scenarios are prone to overthought. So much attention is paid to what acquiring NBA teams would be giving up and the future opportunity cost to which that amounts. James Harden’s long, drawn-out, unavoidable exit from the Houston Rockets is no different.First-round picks not yet conveyed are being romanticized. Ditto for certain prospects.…