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Vivaldi web browser lets you pause the Internet

There has been a significant surge in the use of and dependence on the Internet over the past months as more and more our former face-to-face interactions move online. On the one hand, that has allowed people to conveniently work from home but, on the other hand, it has also thrown some of these people’s…

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A browser plugin for Unity

Unity’s development tools and engine are far and away the most common way to build applications for VR and AR today. Previously, we’ve made it possible to export web-based experiences from Unity. Today, we’re excited to show some early work addressing the other way that Unity developers want to use the web: as a component…

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Windows 10 has ads for Edge browser in its search box — is Microsoft going too much in pestering users?

Home News (Image credit: Microsoft) Windows 10 is now showing adverts within the search box which are attempting to persuade people to switch to Microsoft Edge, in yet another move to promote the revamped browser which runs the risk of starting to irritate people – given how prevalent these ads are seemingly becoming.If you’re running…