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Why ITAM can aid IT-fuelled business recovery

As a sense of normality returns, we look at why IT asset management is the stealth tool for clearing a path towards greater digitisation By Cliff Saran, Managing Editor Published: 05 May 2021 17:15 Over the course of the past decade, IT asset management (ITAM) has been slowly increasing its influence. Apart from the people…

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How to Use Google My Business App to Help Your Business Thrive

With the Google My Business App, your business can stay up-to-date on Google Search and Google Maps to stand out among your competition. This app will help you be easier to find, make it easier for customers to visit your offices, respond to reviews, messages, or questions. Although you can’t remove listings or transfer ownership…

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Safe Harbor CPAs Announces New Post on Business Bookkeeping for San Francisco as Part of Business Accounting Focus

Safe Harbor CPAs aims to be the best accounting firm for businesses in San Francisco. The firm is announcing a new post on its business bookkeeping services. Press Release – updated: Apr 30, 2021 21:00 PDT San Francisco, California, April 30, 2021 ( – Safe Harbor CPAs, a team of best-in-class accountants in San Francisco,…

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It Is Not’Woketivism,’ It’s Good Business

Jamal Simmons, The Hill April 20, 2021 Scott Applewhite)Corporate leaders are standing up for democracy to avoid facing the wrath of consumers, investors and historical judgment.Read Full Article » Related Topics: Corporations Comment Show comments Hide Comments

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New business models, big chance: Tech/manufacturing

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic upended the way companies do business. Some are coping better than others—but largely, businesses are optimistic about 2021. That’s especially so for tech-forward organizations in two different industries—technology and manufacturing— that are planning major business initiatives to move beyond crisis response and thrive in a transformed corporate landscape. The pandemic accelerated…

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New business models, big chance: Retail

The global crisis only amplified retail challenges. Since March 2020, at least 347 US companies cited the pandemic as a factor in their decisions to file for bankruptcy. Among them was Guitar Center, whose executives said its e-commerce sales couldn’t replace the experience of musicians trying out instruments in person. Some businesses are finding new…

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The Business of Experience: A CIO Toolkit for the Year Ahead

Working across the C-suite, CIOs have an immense opportunity to transform their businesses through experience, to pivot from resilience, back to growth. Image: Olivier Le Moal – Throughout the pandemic, chief information officers have been instrumental in leading digital-focused business transformation at a rapid pace. However, with vaccine deployment underway, there is new hope…

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LG will shut down smartphone Company from July to focus on Clever home, robotics

LG has experimented with different designs for its phones, like the the LG Wing, to try to attract buyers.  Angela Lang/CNET LG on Sunday became the latest legacy phone-maker to exit “the incredibly competitive mobile phone sector” as it struggles in a market dominated by Apple, Samsung and growing Chinese manufacturers. The South Korean company said…

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Investors and business leaders: It’s time to take coaching mainstream

Ariane de Bonvoisin Contributor Ariane de Bonvoisin is an executive coach to top CEOs, startup founders and VCs. She has keynoted the Oprah conference, given a TED talk, and been invited to Google, Amazon, the World Bank, Union Square Ventures and Red Bull to teach about navigating change and founder and startup wellness. The business…

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AMD means business with latest Epyc and Ryzen Pro CPU launches

The big picture: Chipmaker AMD is on a roll, particularly for consumer-focused products. Not only are its Ryzen 5000 processors now the fastest CPUs you can buy for consumer PCs, its Radeon RX 6000 GPUs are giving market leader Nvidia a run for their money on the performance side. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget…