Capitol security

Why did Capitol security fail on Jan. 6?

Top security officials engaged in finger-pointing at the first congressional hearing on the U.S. Capitol attack. But at least senators agreed on who caused it, with one notable exception.

Capitol militias

Militias Tied to Capitol Riot Discussed State of This Union Attack, Acting Capitol Police Chief Says

“They wanted to send a symbolic message to the nation as who was in charge of that legislative process,” Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda D. Pittman said to a House subcommittee.

Capitol Check’

Truth Check: Was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Killed By Rioters?

After Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died the day following the January 6 Capitol riot, differing information has emerged in reports and online surrounding the cause of his death.

Capitol police

Capitol Police exploring 35 officers for his or her actions through riot

Capitol Police has announced it is investigating 35 officers and has suspended 6 for their actions during the Capitol riot on January 6. NBC’s Pete Williams has details.

Capitol Rubenacker

Greg Rubenacker, Capitol Rioter Who Said ‘Smoke Out the Capitol, Baby,’ Arrested by FBI

According to court documents, a witness submitted a recording of Rubenacker’s Snapchat “story,” which showed him documenting incidents before and during the riot.

Capitol charged

Man charged in Capitol riot worked for FBI, lawyer states

Thomas Caldwell, a man charged in the Capitol riot, has held a top-secret security clearance for decades and previously worked for the FBI, his attorney said.

Capitol COVID-

Capitol riot, Covid skepticism gas right-wing extremism in Germany, intelligence agencies warn

The U.S. Capitol riot, coronavirus skepticism and anti-lockdown protests fuel right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism in Germany.

Capitol month

A month after Capitol riot, check out domestic terrorism legislation

Nearly a month after the attack on the Capitol, lawmakers are getting down to brass tacks of how best to counter the long-term domestic terrorist threat to U.S. democracy.  “Sadly, I do believe we will be fighting domestic terrorism that has its roots and inspiration points from Jan. 6 for the next 10 to 20…

Capitol rioter

Capitol rioter Jenny Cudd is the poster child for white privilege

Capitol Rioter Jenny Cudd’s white privilege guarantees her far better treatment in our criminal justice system than if she were a person of color.

Accused Capitol

Accused Capitol rioter asks judge to let her take pre-planned Holiday to Mexico

Jenny Cudd is asking a federal judge to allow her to take a pre-planned vacation while awaiting trial