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Video: Check Out This Side-By-Side Comparison Of Crash Bandicoot 4 On Switch And PS4 Pro

Can you tell the difference?Next week sees the arrival of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time on the Switch. In the lead-up to this exciting third-party release, YouTuber Cycu1 has put together an “early graphics comparison” video in 1080p, comparing the cut scenes in the Nintendo version to the PlayStation 4 Pro release.At a glance,…

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Video: Check Out Harvest Moon: One World’s Launch Trailer

“The biggest Harvest Moon game in history”.Harvest Moon: One World is out today, so it’s finally time to check out the game with this detailed launch trailer. Showing off the festivals, different locations, bachelors and bachelorettes, the fishing, and the mining, as well as the new Expando-Farm, it’s clear that there’s a lot to spend…

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Fact check: Heidi Cruz is a exec at Goldman Sachs, However the Firm does Not oversee Texas utilities

Fact check: Heidi Cruz is an exec at Goldman Sachs, but the company doesn’t oversee Texas utilities

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Truth Check: Was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Killed By Rioters?

After Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died the day following the January 6 Capitol riot, differing information has emerged in reports and online surrounding the cause of his death.

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Do this and you might lose your $1,400 stimulus check

While everyone waits to get the official word that new stimulus checks are coming soon, there’s an important update to be aware of regarding their connection to your latest tax return. Filing your 2020 tax return too soon might actually hurt your chances of getting the full $1,400 stimulus check amount. That’s because income is…

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Check Out This Super Rare Yellow Penguin Captured by a Wildlife Photographer

It’s not every day we get to see something no one has ever seen before. This unique yellow penguin was photographed by wildlife photographer Yves Adams on a two-month photo exhibition in the South Atlantic, and is something he had never seen before. Luckily, the penguin was close enough to the photographer for him to…

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You have to check This out Amazing Google Search Easter egg

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover has finally landed on the red planet, kicking off a two-year mission that will include analysis of the surface of the planet as well as a search for signs of ancient life. Google embedded an Easter egg celebrating that Mars rover landing in a Google Search results page, which is shown…

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Fact check: Renewable energy is not to blame for the Texas energy crisis

Natural gas, the state’s dominant energy source, has provided drastically less energy than expected, according to experts and industry data.

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If you check my other posts such as this one, you will see that some…

If you check my other articles like this one, you will see that some Android 11 ROMs have no issues with the capacitive buttons. In the worst case, they work but do not light up – some users would probably like it this way more… batter savings, lol. I would definitely use an Android 11…

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When Will You Get Your $1,400 Relief Check?

Yesterday House Democrats released a draft of relief legislation that includes new details about the proposed $1,400 stimulus payments. There are currently no changes to the income threshold needed to qualify for the relief checks, and this time, dependents will receive the full amount. Here’s a summary of the…Read more…