China's factory

China’s Factory Gate, Consumer Inflation Improves Further in December: Official Data

Both China’s factory gate and consumer inflation rose at a slower pace in December, following the fall of some raw material prices, official data showed on Jan. 12. Consumer price inflation also slowed last month as food prices fell, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said in a statement. China’s producer price index (PPI), which…

China's Shimao

Las chinas Shimao y Kaisa son identificadas como morosas por el aumento de impagos

SHANGHÁI, 12 ene (Reuters) – Las empresas inmobiliarias controladas por las promotoras Shimao Group Holdings, Kaisa Group Holdings y Greenland Group han sido incluidas en una lista de empresas chinas “sistemáticamente morosas” en los pagos de papel comercial. El número total de estas empresas morosas aumentó 26% en diciembre con respecto al mes anterior…

China's Space

On China’s new space station, a robotic arm test paves way for future construction

Home News Spaceflight An illustration of China’s robotic arm test on the Tiangong space station module Tianhe as it moved the Tianzhou 2 cargo ship on Jan. 5, 2022. (Image credit: CMSA) A large robotic arm on China’s space station has successfully grasped and maneuvered a cargo spacecraft in a crucial test ahead of upcoming…

China's estate

China’s real estate problems are spreading even to once-healthy developers

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, a luxury hotel developed by Shimao and managed by IHG, opened in 2018 and is pictured here on Oct. 11, 2020.Costfoto | Future Publishing | Getty ImagesBEIJING — One of China’s healthiest real estate developers has reportedly defaulted, a sign of how more pain is ahead for the heavily indebted industry.Shimao Group…

China's trillion

China’s $1 trillion ‘artificial sun’ fusion reactor just got five times hotter than the sun

Home News China’s ‘artificial sun’ tokamak (Image credit: VCG via Getty Images) China’s “artificial sun” has set a new world record after superheating a loop of plasma to temperatures five times hotter than the sun for more than 17 minutes, state media reported. The EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) nuclear fusion reactor maintained a temperature of…

China's Orbiter

China’s Mars orbiter snaps amazing selfies above Red Planet

Home News Science & Astronomy China’s Tianwen-1 Mars orbiter captured this stunning selfie above the Red Planet by jettisoning a small camera and beaming photos via WiFi to the mothership. (Image credit: CNSA/PEC) China’s Tianwen 1 spacecraft at Mars pulled a big New Year’s surprise with stunning new images captured by a small camera that…

China's Tianhe

China’s Tianhe space station module dodged SpaceX Starlink satellites twice this year

Home News Spaceflight Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping juggling with apples aboard the Tianhe space station. (Image credit: CNSA) China moved its Tianhe space station module twice this year to avoid SpaceX Starlink internet satellites, and the nation apparently isn’t too happy about it.Chinese officials filed a note with the United Nations (UN) earlier this month…

China's Fenghua

China’s Fenghua 1 graphic cards running GFXBench

In brief: China’s first homegrown GPUs are impressive on paper, but the company that makes them doesn’t appear too keen on selling them to consumers. Instead, it’s pitching them as power-efficient compute accelerators for cloud systems, even though the spec sheet says they support DirectX and Vulkan. In November, we learned that a Chinese company…

China's COVID-

China’s new COVID-19 drug is ready for use

China’s own antibody therapy for treatment against COVID-19 could be used domestically in clinical treatments as early as a few weeks. The drug was granted approval on December 8 based on the results of an international clinical trial involving over 800 patients. Read more New COVID-19 Drug Authorized for Use in ChinaThe drug, which is administered via…

actual China's

China’s Actual Population Could Be 10% Lower

Demographer Yi Fuxian says China has been overstating its population for about three decades and its current population is 1.28 billion instead of 1.41 billion. Japan and Mexico each have a population of about 126-128 million in 2021. China is probably overstating its actual population by about 130 million people. Yi Fuxian, a senior scientist…