Christmas movies

The 60 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

As Paul McCartney sang in the worst Christmas song of all time, “The moon is right / The spirit’s up / We’re here tonight / And that’s enough.” With no offense to Macca, that might not be enough to get the festive spirit coursing through your veins. That’s okay. If you’re simply not having a…

Christmas Ratings

NBA Christmas Ratings Fall to Nearly Historic Lows, Caused by NFL Games

The NBA has looked at Christmas Day as their personal showcase for quite some time. However, they might start looking at it differently after looking at the ratings. The NBA got thoroughly dominated by the NFL on Christmas Day. The NFL’s late Christmas offering of Browns-Packers garnered more viewers than the entire slate of NBA…

Christmas Sweet

How a sweet Christmas Eve moment became an example of our bitter politics

When Jared Schmeck dialed up NORAD’s Santa tracker on Christmas Eve, the 35-year-old Oregon father reportedly didn’t know his family’s call would be answered from the White House by President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden. That means Schmeck decided in real time to insult the president with “Let’s go, Brandon,” which has become…

Christmas Extra

Christmas Sale: Get an additional 15% discount on these three subscriptions by using code

StackCommerce It’s hard to deny the immense value of digital subscriptions, particularly within the e-training sector. But they can also be expensive if purchased on their own, so we’re packaging three of the most popular ones together and making them available for one low price. Plus, for our Christmas sale, you can save an extra…

Christmas Extra

Christmas Sale: Get 15% off your gaming headset by using the code

StackCommerce Serious gamers know that a good set of headphones can make all the difference. But if you want a truly immersive gaming experience, then you need to get something that was actually designed with gamers in mind. Like, for instance, the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth gaming headset, which is discounted right now during our…

Christmas tweaks

Tweaks to U.S. Christmas Trees Could Help Them Survive Climate Change

Mounting pressure from extreme weather events and lethal diseases—both exacerbated by climate change—threatens to assail U.S. Christmas tree–growing regions and slash production. To help defend these cherished trees and the farms that raise them, researchers are mapping conifer genomes and exploiting the natural characteristics of species that grow outside the U.S. to identify and breed…

Christmas Truly

‘It’s truly Christmas’: James Webb Space Telescope’s yuletide launch has NASA overjoyed

Home News Science & Astronomy After years of delays, billions of dollars in cost overruns, and several last minute postponements due to technical and weather issues, the James Webb Space Telescope launched into space in a flawless Christmas liftoff that has scientists overjoyed. “It’s truly Christmas with all the presents and everything and we have a…

Christmas PHOTOS

In photos: The Christmas launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Home References Spaceflight (Image credit: Jody Amiet/AFP via Getty Images)) On Dec. 25, 2021, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launched into space to peer farther back into the universe’s history than ever before.The Webb space telescope launched off planet Earth at 7:20 a.m. EST (1220 GMT) atop an Ariane 5 rocket built by Arianespace. The…

Christmas killed

Six people killed in attack on a Congo restaurant on Christmas Day

BENI, Congo — A suicide bomber attacked a restaurant and bar Saturday as patrons gathered on Christmas Day, killing at least six others in an eastern Congolese town where Islamic extremists are known to be active.Heavy gunfire rang out shortly after the bomb went off, with panicked crowds fleeing the town’s center.Saturday’s attack marked the…

Christmas Night

The Christmas night sky: A 2021 Yuletide stargazing guide

Home News Skywatching Christmas is almost here, and the night sky obliges by presenting a beautiful display of celestial sights, perfectly timed out to coincide with the holiday.In ancient times, Dec. 25 was the date of the lavish Roman festival of Saturnalia, a sort of bacchanalian Thanksgiving to the god of agriculture, for whom the…