Clinton Portis

Clinton Portis Pleads Guilty In Health Care Fraud Scheme

PUBLISHED ON : SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 / 05:33 PM Clinton Portis is among three former NFL players who have pleaded guilty in a nationwide fraud scheme. According to ESPN, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday (September 7) that the former Denver Broncos and Washington Football Team running back defrauded a health care program for…

Clinton Hillary

Hillary Clinton Asks Governments to’Rein In’ Disinformation on Social Media

Hillary Clinton called for government intervention to hinder the spread of disinformation on social media during an online talk on Tuesday. According to her, “tech companies have created an algorithm-driven conspiracy rabbit hole” that undermines truth and democracy.Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a press conference for the documentary “Hillary” in Berlin on February…

Biden Clinton

From Clinton to Biden, Democrat approach to economy makes U-turn

Washington When Bill Clinton spoke of how to build a bridge to the 21st century, it was to be constructed with balanced budgets, welfare recipients who found jobs, and expanded global trade.Three decades later, President Joe Biden is dealing with harsh 21st century realities and his approach has been the exact opposite: Borrow to spur…