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Espresso Coffee Linked With Higher Cholesterol

May 11, 2022 – Drinking espresso coffee is associated with increased blood cholesterol levels, particularly in men, a new study suggests.Other findings showed similar increases in total cholesterol for both sexes from boiled or plunger coffee, as previous research has also suggested, while drinking filtered coffee was linked to increased total cholesterol only for women.”Coffee…

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Drinking coffee can lower risk of fibrosis in liver disease, study finds

Researchers said the result meant it can be immediately used in real-world situations, as increasing coffee consumption may be beneficial for patients at risk of advanced liver disease.The study said patients chronically infected with hepatitis B virus (HBV) are at high risk of liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver cancer, despite recent therapeutic advances.They added: “It…

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PJ’s Coffee Celebrates the Grand Opening of Second San Antonio Shop

New Orleans-born coffeehouse to offer 10% discount for military service and first responders and FREE beignets on May 5 San Antonio, TX  (  PJ’s Coffee fans in North San Antonio will soon be able to enjoy authentically fresh roasts inspired by the world-famous French Quarter when the popular coffeehouse opens its second local shop on…

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Your morning cup of coffee could be the catalyst for species’ extinction

Net importers (orange) primarily drive extinction-risk footprint in other countries, the extinction-risk footprint for net exporters (green) is primarily driven by consumption in other countries, and consumption within the country primarily drives extinction-risk footprint for domestic countries (blue). The darker the color, the higher the corresponding footprint value. Credit: Scientific Reports (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-09827-0 As…

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Coffee grounds from discarded coffee could one day be used to detect brain waves

Credit: CC0 Public Domain There’s nothing like a steaming cup of joe to give your morning a quick boost. Now, there’s yet another reason to love the beverage. Today, researchers report the first application of used coffee grounds as environmentally friendly electrode coatings for sensitive neurochemistry measurements. The material could eventually help scientists get a…

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Best pod coffee makers in 2022

The best pod coffee makers combine quality, speed, and convenience. While traditional drip and grinding machines deliver great taste, they require lots of time and effort. In addition, drip coffee makers are harder to use for small quantities and leave your kitchen with the smell of old excess coffee burning on the bottom of the…

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Hugo Coffee Roasters launches a limited edition “Betty’s Brew”, in honor of the late, great Betty White

“Betty’s Brew” is a simple, smooth, and easy-drinking coffee with tasting notes of maple, milk chocolate, and nuts that will put a smile on your face all day. What’s even sweeter about the new “Betty’s Brew” is available for $17.99 in bags of whole bean, ground, french press ground, and express ground, with $5 from…

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13 Excellent Coffee Alternatives, for People Who Are Sick of That Damn Joe

If I don’t mainline a cup of coffee first thing upon waking, my brain will suddenly play host to what feels like a small maniac wielding a jackhammer. My writing gets all wobbly and nonsensical. (Don’t worry, I’m caffeinated right now!) And I find it borderline impossible to focus, which, unfortunately, is kinda a prerequisite…

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This Heated Coffee Mug Keeps My Americano at the Perfect Temp All Day Long

When it comes to the ideal temperature of my drinks, I have a strong preference, and that preference is “hot.” I’ll consume just about any beverage as long as it’s scalding: wine, water, cold brew (yes, you can do that). It’s a wonder I still have taste buds. On the other hand, I hate tepid…

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PJ’s Coffee Brews Record-Breaking Development Year

Signature Coffeehouse Franchise Adds 62 New Agreements throughout North America New Orleans, LA  (  PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, an international coffeehouse franchise, known for its premium beverages and southern hospitality, reports the company’s strongest year of growth, adding 62 new franchise agreements for 2021. Over 80 percent of the expansion consisted of welcoming new…