Column Willson

Column: Willson Contreras has performed his part. Now it’s up to the rest of the Chicago Cubs to combine in.

Whether Willson Contreras is fueled by the belief Milwaukee Brewers pitchers have targeted him is anyone’s guess, but there’s no debating the latest incident between Contreras and the Brewers has ignited a power surge by the Chicago Cubs catcher. After being hit by a Brandon Woodruff pitch in the fourth inning of Tuesday’s game in…

Column shovel

Column: Grab a shovel. ‘Big Dan’ is running for Congress as a Texas cowboy

Well howdy, pardner! Let’s giddyup over to Texas.Seems “the three dirtiest jobs in the world are professional wrestling, politician and bull ridin’ ” — at least according to “Big Dan” Rodimer, who’s ready to saddle up and head to Washington so he can take on “the commies” and “kick some left-wing ass.” Except, er, swaggering…

Column grousing

Column: Stop grousing about vaccine ‘passports’ — they’re the key to reopening society

It was a bright yellow booklet I carried everywhere, and at some national borders it was scrutinized even more carefully than my government-issued passport. It was my vaccine certificate, showing the dates I’d received shots or screenings for more than half a dozen diseases. In sub-Saharan Africa, where I traveled as a Times correspondent in…

Campaign Column

Column: So what is it like to effort in a pandemic?

Judging by the hundreds of lawn signs dotting the landscape, this would seem like every other election season we go through this time of year here in the Fox Valley. There are races for alderman, for park, school and township boards. And of course, the three candidates running for mayor of Aurora are working harder…

Column Texas

Column: Texas blackouts introduce intending failure

Following last week’s widespread power failures, Texas policymakers and the state electricity industry must decide whether the blackout was caused by genuinely unforeseeable weather conditions or a failure to plan properly.

Column Tiger

Column: Tiger Woods survives but his career may not

The sheared-off front of the wrecked SUV told part of the story, and the officers on the scene filled in the rest. Tiger Woods was lucky to be alive, they said, thanks to modern safety technology and a big dose…

Brady Column

Column: Brady goes , making history with every throw

Tom Brady is one win away from the Super Bowl, two wins away from a seventh ring.

Column realistic

Column: Is there any realistic chance of ousting Trump early?

After President Trump’s disgraceful performance on Wednesday, it’s no wonder so many legislators — including a few Republicans — want to oust him immediately. But if the goal is practical — to get Trump out of office before he can do more damage — the outlook isn’t promising: None of the proposed remedies, including impeachment…

Column Shocking

Column: Shocking.

Sad. Shameful. Inevitable. How to explain the insurrection at the Capitol?

At some point Wednesday, I started keeping the list of words above, words that radio and TV commentators were using to describe whatever exactly was happening at the United States Capitol. It was hard to tell what that was at first, beyond that inside, members of Congress were debating whether to affirm the election of…