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Generic drug companies want to help make the COVID-19 vaccines

Generic drug companies have asked Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to license their COVID-19 vaccine technology to help increase global production, but so far the vaccine makers have given them the cold shoulder.Why it matters: Other companies are saying they have extra capacity to make more vaccines. Not using that extra capacity could prolong…

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Why companies are using virtual concerts to introduce their users to the metaverse

As everyday life increasingly moves into digital spaces, companies are taking advantage of consumers’ enthusiasm for virtual concerts to introduce them to the concept of the metaverse.On September 8, a throng of fans cavorted around the stage as the heavy metal band PENTAKILL performed live. As the band thrashed away in a flame-wreathed venue, concert…

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I started SaaS companies in 2013 and 2021. Here’s how things have changed

In 2013, I co-founded Heap, a product analytics company that I helped grow to over 200 people and $X0,000,000 in ARR before I left in 2020. In 2021, I co-founded Airplane, a developer platform for quickly creating internal tools. Here’s what I’ve observed as being different in SaaS startups this time vs last time.1) [fill…

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GPD Companies, Inc. Announces Amendments to and Further Extension of Consent Solicitation

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — GPD Companies, Inc. (the “Company”) today announced that it is amending and extending its previously announced solicitation of consents (the “Consent Solicitation”) from the holders of its 10.125% Senior Secured Notes due 2026 (144A CUSIP: 64051NAA1, Regulation S CUSIP: U6404NAA3) (the “Notes”) to certain amendments (the “Proposed Amendments”) to the indenture…

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Companies are coworking in the metaverse to stave off Zoom burnout and spark new types of collaboration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have adopted virtual communication tools to make up for in-person collaboration, but those channels have come with limitations: the nonverbal cues that make in-person meetings useful are difficult to discern on Zoom, and there’s no virtual replacement for water cooler conversations. As the pandemic drags on, some firms are…

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How companies are increasing subscription conversions, boosting revenue, and more (VB Live)

Presented by Recurly While subscription models offer tremendous growth opportunity, they inevitably add complexity to your acquisition and retention efforts — but there’s a solve for that. Hear from a panel of experts on how to drive subscriber growth and LTV in a competitive landscape in this VB Live event! Access free on demand right…

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More companies institute vaccine mandates as employees increasingly demand it

This article is part of the Future of Work briefing, a weekly email with stories, interviews, trends and links about how work, workplaces and workforces are changing. Sign up here.Vaccinations against COVID-19 may be a hot-button issue in society and among certain members of the workforce, but it is increasingly noncontroversial for many companies. As the delta…

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This fall, tech companies will try to push private browsing into the mainstream

Back in the 2010s, protecting one’s privacy on the internet seemed like a priority for the tin foil hat set. This fall, some of the biggest tech companies in the world will be trying to push the concept further into the mainstream. In September, Apple will launch Apple Private Relay, a paid service that, for $4.99…

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Which Car Companies Will Go Bankrupt First?

Solvency is a concern for non-Tesla car companies. The Z-score formula for predicting bankruptcy was published in 1968 by Edward I. Altman, who was, at the time, an Assistant Professor of Finance at New York University. The formula may be used to predict the probability that a firm will go into bankruptcy within two years.…

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How esports companies are keeping fans engaged with adaptive, overlaid ads

August 25, 2021 by Alexander Lee Esports companies are investing in adaptive, overlaid advertising services in order to introduce livestream viewers to their brand partners without losing the engagement and interest of their fans. Pre-roll and mid-roll ads are a universal aspect of the Twitch viewing experience. Users will often navigate to a Twitch stream…