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Companies Pan for Marketing Gold at Vaccines

Some assisted living facilities, pharmacy chains and health care providers are luring new customers with covid shots.

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These companies turn the old into new again, and again

Two entrepreneurs are introducing circular business models that could upend the food and apparel industries for the better.

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How”cash advance” companies can skirt payday lender regulations

When is a loan not a loan? When it’s a “nonrecourse cash advance.” Why it matters: By advancing money while calling the interest a “fee” or a “tip,” companies like Earnin and Wagestream can skirt regulations that cap interest rates. What’s happening: Earnin i…

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All these famed tech companies began in a garageexcept…

Companies ranging from Disney to Harley Davidson have gotten their start in a garage and such is the case for many major tech companies.

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Rideshare businesses provide free rides to Covid vaccine appointments

For some Americans, transportation is a key challenge for getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Companies like Uber and Lyft are stepping in to help.

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Battery companies are the latest SPAC target as EVs get a huge regulatory boost

Batteries are the latest landing pad for investors. In the past week alone, two companies have announced plans to become publicly traded companies by merging with special purpose acquisition companies. European battery manufacturer FREYR said Friday it would become a publicly traded company through a special purpose acquisition vehicle with a valuation at $1.4 billion. Houston…

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Just 1 in 10 businesses expect all employees to come back to the workplace

Working from home is becoming entrenched for today’s office workforce, with data showing that just 1 in 10 companies expects all employees to return to their desk.

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Japanese companies fight for share of EUV chip technology Industry


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EU says it’s going to make vaccine businesses respect provide contracts: Michel

The European Union will make pharmaceutical companies respect contracts they have signed for the supply of COVID-19 vaccines, European Council President Charles Michel said on Sunday.

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Communication technology businesses are booming

Software firms that help other companies communicate are booming this year thanks to pandemic-driven remote-work. Why it matters: Even when a vaccine is rolled out and lockdown provisions are lifted, most companies will likely maintain at least some work-from-home flexibility, which will bode well for software firms like Zoom, DocuSign, Twilio, Microsoft, Slack and others.Driving…