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Business plans to begin building private Voyager space station with artificial intelligence in 2025

Orbital Assembly Corp. recently unveiled new details about its ambitious Voyager Station, which is projected to be the first commercial space station operating with artificial gravity.

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The Pokémon Company Reveals Top 30 Pocket Monsters, According To Japanese Twitter Poll

In celebration of 25 years.As you might have heard, it’s Pokémon’s 25th anniversary on 27th February (that’s this weekend). In the lead up to this, The Pokémon Company ran a poll, asking Japanese trainers to vote for their favourite pocket monster via Twitter. To vote, participants were required to share any pocket monster’s name in…

company testing

Company testing fully driverless cars on Las Vegas roads

LAS VEGAS (AP) — An autonomous vehicle company has been testing its cars in Las Vegas without a human backup driver ready to take control in an emergency. The company Motional, a joint…

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I’m an Aide in my company and burnt out


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U.K. company rolling out digital ‘vaccine passports’ as Covid immunization spreads

As vaccination efforts gain momentum worldwide, tech companies are racing to develop a standard way to document vaccination status. In the United Kingdom, one company, V-Health Passport, is already rolling out so-called digital “vaccine passports.”

Boring company

Boring Company Projects Beyond Las Vegas

Youtube Channel Boring Revolution has detailed tracking of all current and potential Boring Company projects. There were the small tunnels in Los Angeles and the expanding Las Vegas projects. The Las Vegas projects look like they will be $300-400 million in revenue for Boring Company. Boring Company is completing or has completed about $80-90 million…

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Maine company successfully launches prototype rocket

BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) — A Maine company that’s developing a rocket to propel small satellites into space passed its first major test on Sunday. Brunswick-based bluShift Aerospace launched a 20-foot (6-meter) prototype rocket, hitting an altitude of a little more than 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) in a first run designed to test the rocket’s propulsion…

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The way to save your company money and time on shipping

E-commerce has made it easier and faster than ever for the average consumer to get their hands on products they love, but with that comes high expectations. SMBs and online merchants need to factor in fulfillment into their business model, and that m…

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Otis Elevator Company Recalls to Inspect Private Residence Elevators Due to Entrapment Hazard; Risk of Serious Injury or Death to Young Children

Children can become entrapped in the space between the exterior landing (hoistway) door and the interior elevator car door or gate, and suffer serious injuries or death when the elevator is called to another floor.

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Washington Shoe Company Recalls Western Chief Toddler Boots Due to Choking Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Target

Rivets used to attach the handles to the boot can detach, posing a choking hazard to children.