crypto Weathering

Crypto is weathering a severe storm. Some people hold on to their lives.

One shiny premise of DeFi, or decentralized finance—a catch-all term for cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects related to the exchange of value—is that by spreading out and automating operations, and removing power from middlemen like banks, it can offer a system more resilient to global forces, able to survive events like war and economic downturns that…

crypto MiamiCoin

MiamiCoin crypto lost 88% of its value in just one year

Miami, host city of the Bitcoin 2022 event we recently visited, doesn’t own or manage the MiamiCoin cryptocurrency, although the coin has enjoyed the support of Mayor Francis Suarez, who at one point suggested it raised “the possibility of being able to run a government without the citizens having to pay taxes.” Now Quartz reports…

crypto Terra’s

Terra’s Crypto Meltdown Was Inevitable

At a Mexican restaurant in North London a few weeks ago, a handful of small-time but remarkably discerning retail cryptocurrency investors predicted that terra and luna would crash. Several of them were scoffing at terra, or UST, a stablecoin whose price equivalence to the dollar is underpinned by algorithms and game theory rather than cash…

crypto Space

Crypto Space Agency secures flight for a lucky member on Blue Origin’s New Shepard Rocket

London, UK, Apr 27, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, ‘To the moon’ – a popular term in the crypto world – is just about to take on a whole new meaning, literally! The Crypto Space Agency in partnership with MoonPay has managed to get a space flight seat for a lucky CSA member and NFT holder on Blue…

crypto Taxes

Crypto Taxes: Online Tax Software to Report Bitcoin, NFTs and Digital Currencies

This story is part of Taxes 2022, CNET’s coverage of the best tax software and everything else you need to get your return filed quickly, accurately and on-time. If you sold, traded, earned, mined or staked cryptocurrency in 2021, the IRS wants to know about it, whether it was bitcoin, ether, binance, cardano, dogecoin or any other…

crypto industry

The crypto industry is able to write and pass its own agenda in state capitals

National “Whether you’re Binance or Ethereum, Dogecoin or Bitcoin, this is a great bill.” Power distribution units at a Bitcoin mining site owned by Bit5ive, in Medley, Fla., northwest of Miami, March 11, 2022. In the absence of federal regulations, crypto lobbyists and executives are going state by state to get favorable rules enacted. (Rose…

crypto Sides

The two sides of the crypto coin in the Russia-Ukraine war

We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 – August 3. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. Learn more about Transform 2022 Since Russia invaded Ukraine, cryptocurrencies have been making headlines. While the Ukrainian Government and NGOs are raising crypto donations to…

crypto stolen

$1.7M in NFTs Stolen From Crypto VC by Hackers

On Monday night, Arthur Cheong—the founder of DeFinance Capital, a crypto-centric VC fund—had about $1.7 million worth of NFTs stolen from his wallet in what appears to have been a social engineering attack.”Well not sure what happened, need to take time to figure it out. Didn’t expect this to happen to me as well,” Cheong…

crypto mining

What is Crypto Mining and How Does it Work?

Mark Agnor/Shutterstock.comWith the cryptocurrency craze in full swing, you can’t avoid hearing about the people mining these digital currencies—and destabilizing the graphics processor market. Here’s what “crypto mining” actually is. What Is Crypto Mining? In short, crypto mining is how new units of cryptocurrency—usually called coins—are created. As you can imagine, this type of mining…

Biden's crypto

Biden’s Crypto Executive Order: Here’s what you need to know

Bloomberg/Getty President Biden issued a long-awaited executive order on March 9, 2022 directing the federal government to evaluate the risks and benefits of cryptocurrency — or crypto, for the sake of brevity. It’s the first executive order of its kind to focus exclusively on the growing popularity of digital assets like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, which put the crypto…