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The collisions that defined some of F1’s iconic rivalries

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s collision at the British Grand Prix adds to a long list of F1’s drivers whose rivalry culminated in an on-track collision. Here’s a look at some of the more memorable from F1 history.

defined Family

We Were a Family Defined by Illness and Restriction.

Oreos Helped Us Heal

Nearly two months after my daughter Sammi‚Äôs surgery, we visited her pediatrician for a checkup. Sammi was eight and had been struggling to consume enough calories for years. Eating had been an excruciatingly slow task, and sometimes she refused certain textured foods altogether. Doctors had prescribed elimination diets and medications to treat possible acid reflux…

defined Eyebrow

9 of this Best Eyebrow Gels to Try to find Defined Arches at 2021

With all the mask wearing of the past 18 months, the focus has been on the eyes like never before, making the search for the best eyebrow gels more of a priority. And now, as we trade social distancing for more in-person interactions, well-defined arches are the perfect accompaniment to a first date or friend…