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Millions of devices at risk from NAME:WRECK DNS bugs

Newly disclosed set of nine DNS vulnerabilities puts over 100 million consumer, enterprise and industrial IoT devices at risk By Alex Scroxton, Security Editor Published: 13 Apr 2021 10:37 More than 100 million connected internet of things (IoT) devices, as many as 36,000 of them physically located in the UK, are thought to be at…

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Best smart home devices 2021: get comfy with smart lighting, heating and more

Home News Smart Home Image Credit: Philips Hue (Image credit: Philips) The best smart home devices are an essential part of a 21st century home, as they ensure you can turn your thermostat up, dim the lights, lock your doors, and play your music with a simple voice command – creating a seamless, smart environment…

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The Greatest smart home devices for 2021

There are thousands of smart home devices on the market these days. In fact, from our phones to our fridges to our teeth, it’s tough to find something at your local Best Buy that isn’t web-connected. Smart home devices aren’t just trendy tech toys either. Brands like Ring and Arlo are designed to keep you and your family…

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Assistive Devices for Elderly People

At first, Piyushi Dhir, who lives with her parents and grandparents in Ontario, Canada, noticed that her grandfather took longer to get off the couch. Over time, he would need a hand. Dhir worried about him falling. She bought him a portable standing aid, a freestanding rail that he could use for stability as he…

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Switch your mobile apparatus into desktop PCs using the Beelink Expand X dock

Turn your mobile devices into desktop PCs with the Beelink Expand X dock The Expand X comes with a special hinge that flips out to support phones, tablets or handheld consoles. (Image Source: Beelink) When the screen on your smartphone proves too small for productivity tasks, you can just use the new Beelink Expand X…

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QNAP NAS Devices Can Be Hacked for Cryptomining–Update Yours Now

QNAP’s unpatched network-attached-storage (NAS) devices are the latest devices to be targeted in ongoing attacks, which are aimed at taking them over for use as cryptocurrency miners. The malware, discovered by Qihoo’s 360 Netlab, exploits multiple pre-auth remote command execution vulnerabilities found in a QNAP Helpdesk app patch made in October 2020.Read This Article on…

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How to Sign out of All Devices on Spotify at Once

While there isn’t a device limit for Spotify subscribers, it’s a good practice to sign out of devices you’re no longer using. If you no longer have access to a device that you’re signed in to, you can sign out of all devices at once from your account settings page.Read This Article on How-To Geek…

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I’ve got an X570, have a multitude of USB devices attached directly or via…

I’ve got an X570, have a multitude of USB devices connected directly or via extenders at all times. Never had an issue, I’m on Linux and dmesg doesn’t show anything odd with USB devices either.

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Did nuclear spy devices in the Himalayas activate India floods?

Did nuclear spy devices in the Himalayas trigger India floods?

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5G apparatus from Samsung usher in the future of mobile network connectivity on Telus’ 5G network

This piece is brought to you by Telus.If you’re still dealing with the infamous buffering wheel while watching videos online, it might be time to consider upgrading your mobile device.With 2021 on the horizon, there’s no excuse for endless buffering and slowly loading apps. But faster speeds are just the beginning of how upgrading your…