‘Disable email

How to Disable Email Reminder Nudges in Gmail

Reminders can be useful tools for keeping you on track. You may use a reminder app or prefer physical sticky notes. But what about reminders you don’t ask for? Nudges in Gmail, reminders to follow up on emails, fall into this category. What Are Nudges in Gmail? Nudges aren’t new to Gmail. In fact, they came…

‘Disable Microsoft

Microsoft to disable old-school macros to shield users from attacks

Home News Computing (Image credit: Microsoft) Microsoft has revealed its plan to disable Excel 4.0 macros or XLM macros for all Microsoft 365 users in a recent email sent out to its customers.First introduced back in 1992 with the release of Excel 4.0, XLM macros allow users of the company’s spreadsheet software to enter complex…

‘Disable screen

How to Disable Lock Screen “Tips” and Messages on Windows 11

If you’re tired of seeing tips, tricks, and messages on your Windows 11 lock screen, it’s easy to turn them off completely thanks to Settings. Here’s how to do it. First, open Windows Settings by pressing Windows+i. Or you can right-click the Start button and select “Settings” in the menu. In Settings, click “Personalization” in…

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Disable Google Drive drive letter

Disable Google Drive drive letter How can I completely prevent the new Google Drive app from mounting the Google Drive folder as a virtual drive? As in, stop it from mounting to any drive letter. This “feature” is pretty useless for me and just clutters up explorer.Unrelated, but Backup and Sync had an option to…

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How to Easily Disable Sound Devices on Windows 11

If you have an audio output device connected to your Windows 11 PC—such as speakers, headphones, or a headset—that you don’t want to output sound to, you can disable it in Settings without having to uninstall it in Windows. Here’s how. First, you’ll need to open the sound options in Windows Settings. To do so,…

‘Disable Print

How to Disable the Print Spooler Service on Windows 10

FabrikaSimf/Shutterstock.comLooking to disable the print spooler service? Windows 10 runs the service to keep your printing and faxing jobs running smoothly, but there may be reasons you need it stopped. We’ll show you how you can do it. One cause for some people disabling the service is the rise of the PrintNightmare vulnerability that can let hackers…

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How to Disable the Google Assistant Swipe Gesture on Android

Google wants you to use Google Assistant, which is why it’s available in so many places. Some Android devices can launch Assistant with a swipe gesture from the bottom corners. If you’re annoyed by this, it can be disabled. Starting in Android 12, Google added the ability to turn off the swipe gesture that launches…

‘Disable Windows

Disable Windows print spooler or you could be hacked, says Microsoft

Facepalm: Microsoft is once again advising its customers to disable Windows print spooler, after a new vulnerability that allows hackers to execute malicious code on machines has emerged. While a patch fixing the flaw will be released in due course, the most effective workaround currently on the table is to stop and disable the print…

‘Disable Notifications

How to Disable Notifications for the Shortcuts App on iPhone

The Shortcuts app is the hub of automation on your iPhone, but it also sends a lot of notifications. Disabling notifications for Shortcuts isn’t straightforward, and we’re going to show you how to get that done. Like us, if you have several automations set up on iPhone, your Notification Center may be full of alerts…

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How to disable start up programs in Windows 10 to make boot times faster

Is your PC is a little sluggish when it boots up? These tips can put a spring back in its step. Microsoft Today’s Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld’s Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors You can find plenty of Windows programs to help cut down boot times, but they’re not…