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Doctors and Scientists Use Spotify to Moderate Misinformation After Joe Rogan Episode

Joe Rogan has a habit of spreading misinformation. The 54-year-old podcaster has persistently sown doubt about the coronavirus vaccine, arguing “healthy” people like him don’t need it. Once he did contract the virus, he endorsed a dog’s breakfast of unproven treatments. His disregard for the facts earned him corrections from Dr. Anthony Fauci and other…

Doctor's Uninformed

Many Doctors Uninformed on Rights of Disabled Patients

By Cara MurezHealthDay ReporterMONDAY, Jan. 10, 2022 (HealthDay News) — More than 30 years after passage of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many doctors still don’t know how to provide accessible care, a new study finds.”Despite the fact people with disabilities comprise 25% of the population, they often confront barriers to basic health…

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What One Doctor’s Viral Tweet Shows Us about Gynecological Care

Dec. 16, 2021 — A doctor’s tweet that started as a simple question about office design has exploded into a viral vehicle for commentary on gynecological care — a corner of medicine that many believe often neglects the comfort of patients.Early this month, Indiana urogynecologist Ryan Stewart, DO, asked his followers on Twitter to help…

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Doctors across the world are feeling depressed and traumatized. That’s bad news for patients

Reports abound of blue-collar workers, particularly in the service industry, experiencing burnout and depression as a result of the pandemic. Yet America’s doctors, upon whom so many Americans rely for their lives, are experiencing their own miseries amid an unrelenting pandemic and mass disillusionment with the health care industry. The collective impending mental health crisis among America’s…

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Take Doctors Off the ‘Fee-for-Service Treadmill,’ Senator Says

WASHINGTON — Doctors need to be taken off the “fee-for-service treadmill” so they can give patients better care, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Wednesday at a hearing held by the Senate Finance Committee on the role of federal programs in the U.S. health insurance system. “Once you free up the doctors from having to march…

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Lithuanian doctors find kilo of screws and nails in man’s stomach

Doctors in Lithuania said on Friday they had removed over a kilogram of nails and screws from the stomach of a man who started swallowing metallic objects after quitting alcohol. The man, who was not identified for reasons of patient confidentiality, was admitted to hospital in the Baltic port city of Klaipeda with severe abdominal…

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Many Patients, Doctors Unaware of Advancements in Cancer Care

Sept. 27, 2021 –Sept. 29, 2021 — Many patients with cancer, as well as doctors in fields other than oncology, are unware of just how much progress has been made in recent years in the treatment of cancer, particularly with immunotherapy. This is the main finding from two studies presented at the recent European Society…

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Doctors Scale Rockslides, Invoke Gods to Vaccinate Himalayan Villages

MALANA, India (Reuters) – To visit the Indian village of Malana deep in the Himalayas, a COVID-19 vaccination team scrambled over a landslide that blocked the road the day before, scaled a retaining wall and then began a three-hour trek down and up a river valley. Despite the hostile terrain, the northern state of Himachal…

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How local doctors are reacting to Biden’s new plan to fight the delta surge

Coronavirus “It’s doubling down on the things that work!!! Thrilled. But I want a little more.” Erin Clark / The Boston Globe, File Local doctors and infectious disease experts say they are “thrilled” after President Joe Biden announced a broad new “action plan” on Thursday to combat the latest COVID-19 surge driven by the highly…

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Doctors Without Borders Forced to Withdraw From Cameroon’s Crisis-Hit Northwest

Atiku Bakari, 12, living in Cameroon’s embattled Northwest Region, had gone to fetch firewood that fateful July 16, when his eyes fell on a rare “toy”: a hand grenade. As Atiku innocently grasped the lethal object to start throwing around, it detonated—shattering his right hand, hitting him on the chest and wounding his stomach, and leg.…