Expands method

New strategy expands the world of small RNAs

A team led by a biomedical scientist at the University of California, Riverside, has developed a new RNA-sequencing method — “Panoramic RNA Display by Overcoming RNA Modification Aborted Sequencing,” or PANDORA-seq — that can help discover numerous modified small RNAs that were previously undetectable. RNA plays a central role in decoding the genetic information in…

Cloudera Expands

Cloudera expands enterprise Information platform to Google Cloud

Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. Enterprise data cloud company Cloudera has announced that its data platform is now available on Google Cloud. The Palo Alto-based company launched the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) back in 2019, following its merger with rival Hortonworks. The CDP combined technologies…

Expands Foods

US Foods Expands Scholarship Program

$360,000 in scholarships to be awarded to culinary students across nine markets in 2021 The post US Foods Expands Scholarship Program first appeared on

Expands Waitbusters

Waitbusters Expands Its Delivery Options Through Integration With DoorDash Drive

Reston, VA  (  Waitbusters, LLC announced today that they have now augmented their Delivery As a Service operation to include an integration with DoorDash Drive. This is an expansion to their delivery fleet that already includes Postmates. By including a fleet of delivery drivers, or Delivery As a Service (DAAS) as they refer to it,…

Expands Ferrari

Ferrari expands official Esports Series for 2021

As part of the Italian car manufacturer’s simracing push, it attracted more than 20,000 competitors for the inaugural Ferrari Esports Series in 2020, with Italian Giovanni Da Salvo triumphing and earning a place on its official Academy Esports Team.The competition, which is hosted on the Assetto Corsa platform, will begin again with qualification rounds starting…

Expands relief

As relief bill expands safety net, are views of welfare state shifting?

The $1.9 trillion bill temporarily expands key benefits for lower-income parents and workers, making the aid more like a universal basic income.

Amazon Expands

Amazon expands Fire TV Live Channel guide

Amazon Fire TV users have a change to look forward to that is live as of today. Amazon has announced the expansion of providers for the Fire TV Live Channel guide, adding more than 400 channels from 20 different providers. The expanded Live Channel guide includes content from YouTube TV, Sling TV, Tubi, and its…

coverage Expands

EE expands 4G coverage across rural regions

Shared Rural Network rollout continues as EE adds more than 500 remote parts of the UK.

Avaya Expands

Avaya expands its alliance with Google for AI for contact centres

Avaya AI’s alliance with Google leads to the creation of virtual agents that can verbally interact with customers.

Expands reality

Sony expands its 360 Reality Audio ecosystem, including video support and more

The 3D object-based immersive-audio system gets a suite of new services and devices.