Fabrics Maturation

Data fabrics: The next step in data management maturation

Did you miss a session at the Data Summit? Watch On-Demand Here. Navin Sharma, vice president of product at Stardog Gartner indicates that data fabric is the foundation of the modern data management platform, enabling augmented data integration and sharing across heterogeneous data sources. Relying on traditional integration paradigms that involve moving data and manually…

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Data Fabrics: Six top use cases

Data fabrics are central data management frameworks that allow organizations to access their data from any endpoint within a hybrid cloud environment. “They use technologies and services to enrich the data and make it more useful for users,” explains David Proctor, senior database manager at Everconnect, which remote database administration and support. Data fabrics are…


Data Fabrics: What CIOs Need to Know

In the enterprise, data is the fuel that generates insights. It drives faster fraud alerts, greater understanding of customers, and deeper dives into potential sources of value for the organization. But harnessing the power of the ever-growing store of data has grown more complex and difficult as the data itself has grown. Today there are more data sources…