Court to rule on Facebook data sharing after Schrems drops legal challenge against Irish regulator

Court to rule on Facebook data sharing after Schrems drops legal challenge against Irish regulator

2 days ago

Facebook is afraid of apps that can replace WhatsApp

Facebook responded to the backlash over the new WhatsApp privacy policy changes, explaining in a FAQ that the app will…

3 days ago

Twitter and Facebook suspend Trump’s accounts following violence at US Capitol

In an unprecedented step, Facebook and Twitter suspended President Trump from posting to their platforms following the storming of the…

1 week ago

Facebook locks out Donald Trump for 24 hours

Facebook is also imposing new restrictions on Donald Trump. The social network said that it will bar the president from…

1 week ago

Facebook and YouTube eliminate Trump video calling rioters’very special’

Facebook and YouTube both removed a video posted by Donald Trump, in which he addressed the rioters who descended on…

1 week ago

Facebook and YouTube remove Trump video calling extremists’special’

Facebook and YouTube have removed a video posted by President Trump telling rioters who stormed Congress “we love you.” The…

1 week ago

Facebook, YouTube Remove Trump’s Video About Storming of the Capitol

"This is an emergency situation and we are taking appropriate emergency measures, including removing President Trump's video."

1 week ago

Facebook Shuts Down Ad Account For Republican Fundraising Committee 4 Days Before Georgia Runoffs

Facebook temporarily shut down the advertising account for a Republican fundraising group just four days before Election Day in the…

2 weeks ago

Sorry, Facebook. iOS Changes Aren’t Bad for Small Businesses

Late last week, Facebook bought full-page ads in the leading national dailies contending that Apple’s new policy, which will require…

3 weeks ago

Facebook offered to license its network and code to avoid antitrust action

In the wake of the groundbreaking Federal Trade Commission lawsuit against Facebook, The Washington Post is reporting new details of…

4 weeks ago