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How the world’s fastest animal is losing the race for survival

HARGEISA, Somalia — A baby cheetah named Vickey, plucked from her mother when she was just a few weeks old, was among hundreds of big cats taken by traffickers to be sold as pets in illegal online markets.One of the lucky ones, Vickey was rescued from traders in the East African self-declared state of Somaliland.…

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Fastest woman to bike across Canada arrives in Halifax, raises over $30,000 for ovarian cancer

HALIFAX — Cyclist Bianca Hayes has claimed the title of the fastest woman to bike across Canada after arriving in a wet and foggy Halifax Sunday evening. Hayes left Vancouver on June 16 and pedalled 5,900 kilometres over 20 days to raise money for ovarian cancer research — a cause near and dear to her…

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The Fastest Growing Monster Black Hole Is Devouring A Sun’s Mass In A Day

Scientists have managed to measure the appetite of one of the largest known black holes in the Universe. If the new measurements are to be believed, the particular black hole is the fastest growing black hole we know of in the entire Universe, devouring mass equivalent to that of a Sun every day.The ultra-massive black…

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The World’s New Fastest Supercomputer Is an Exascale Machine for AI

Twice a year, the world’s fastest supercomputers take a test to see which is top of class. These hundred-million-dollar machines usually run on hundreds of thousands of processors, occupy warehouse floors, gobble up copious amounts of energy, and crunch numbers at an ungodly pace. All that computing is directed at some of humanity’s toughest challenges…

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Meet Fugaku, the New Fastest Computer in the World

A Japanese supercomputer took the top spot in a global biannual speed ranking for the first time since 2011.Usually, Chinese and American supercomputers beef it out for the crowning honor. The computer in question, Fugaku, is currently being used for experimental COVID-19 (coronavirus) research. A Japanese supercomputer has taken the top prize in a renowned…