Federal suspends

U.S. suspends federal agent who Combined crowd outside Capitol during rampage, Attorney says

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has suspended an agent who was outside the Capitol when a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the building, his lawyer said, in the first known case of authorities examining the conduct of a fellow federal agent dur…

authorities Federal

Federal authorities launching human smuggling investigation into mortal California crash

Federal authorities have launched a human smuggling investigation after Tuesday’s crash between a sport utility vehicle and gravel truck left 13 people dead and a dozen others injured just north of the California-Mexico border.

Federal Needs

The U.S. Needs a Federal Department of Science and Technology

Currently, STEM-related policy is administered by a bewildering array of entities, which dilutes its effectiveness — Read more on

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Federal agents seize roughly 10 million phony N95 masks in Covid-19 probe

Federal agents have seized roughly 10 million fake N95 masks in recent weeks, the result of an ongoing probe into counterfeits sold in at least five states.

Federal Retail

Federal retail pharmacy vaccination initiative begins this week

This week, the federal government plans to ship 1 million Covid-19 vaccine doses to approximately 6,500 pharmacies nationwide. As supply increases, up to 40,000 pharmacies could provide the vaccinations.

California Federal

California to open federal backed vaccine centres

California is joining with the federal government to open two new vaccination centers as test areas for President Joseph Biden’s plan to create 100 mass vaccination sites nationwide in 100 days. (Feb. 3)

Federal issues

DHS Issues Federal Terrorism Advisory Over Domestic Extremists, 1st Alert in a Year

Following the Capitol riot on January 6, the Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism advisory warning Wednesday, citing a “heightened threat environment across the U.S.”  Using a federal system designed to warn about pressing threats to the nation, the DHS said that a National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin would remain in effect until…

Federal Judge

A Federal Judge Slams Trump: “Even the ‘Good Hombres’ Are Not Safe”

Today, a federal appeals court judge in California rebuked the Trump administration for its zealous deportation policy and for “ripping apart a family.” Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found that he had no power to stop the removal of Andres Magana Ortiz, but nevertheless took the time to write a…

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve Doesn’t Set Interest Rates

Setting the record straight on interest rates.

Federal investigators

Federal Investigators Increase Reward for Information about Jan. 6 Pipe Bombs

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) have increased the reward for information leading to the successful identification of suspect(s) involved in placing pipe bombs in Washington city on Jan. 6. The bounty was first set to $50,000 on Jan. 7, one day after the bombs were discovered.…