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Female protective influence: Researchers discover clues to gender differences in autism

It is well established that autism occurs much more frequently in boys than in girls, and that girls seem to have a greater resilience to developing the condition. It has been unclear, however, why that is. In a new Yale-led study, researchers find that autism may develop in different regions of the brain in girls…

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Female Film Protagonists Dropped 11 Percent in 2020, Report Says

Clockwise from top left: Carey Mulligan (Focus), Frances McDormand (Searchlight), Yuh-Jung Youn (A24), Maria Bakalova (Amazon) “Wonder Woman,” “Promising Young Woman” and “Pieces of a Woman” may have been major film releases in 2020, but new statistics show that 2020 was hardly the year of the woman protagonist on film. According to “It’s a Man’s…

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How to have the female Midas’Marigold’ skin in Fortnite

Female Midas is finally in Fortnite with the Marigold skin and Golden Touch pack. Here’s how to unlock it and earn 1,500 V-Bucks. The post How to get the female Midas ‘Marigold’ skin in Fortnite appeared first on Fortnite INTEL.

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3 feminine Guatemalan judges shield rule of law despite attacks, efforts to eliminate them

Three female judges in Guatemala have emerged as critical figures in the fight for the rule of law in a justice system seen as under attack by powerful interests.

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Female Founder Secrets: Fertility


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3 Ways to Empower Female Software Engineers on Your Team

In recent years, organizations have been making small strides in establishing greater diversity within their engineering teams — but it’s not enough.

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Female job seekers with less feminine language less Inclined to get hired, study finds

Credit: Anna Shvets/Pexels Women applying to jobs in male-dominated fields often try to overcome sexism by altering their cover letters to sound less feminine. But that practice might actually be hurting their chances of landing a job, a new study out of U of T Mississauga reveals. Examining real cover letters to a variety of…

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“Pink tax” hurts female consumers, but electing more women combats it

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The wage gap between men and women is no secret, but another form of gender discrimination directly and disproportionately affects women worldwide: the “pink tax” imposed by import tariffs that target female products. But new Rice University research concludes the “pink tax” is generally lower in countries where more women are…