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Female Streamer Impresses CS: GO Community With Exceptional One Handed Play

The CS: GO community has always appreciated exceptional talent within their community. So, when 22-year-old Kiki ‘xirilikika’ Martins showed off her impressive one-handed gameplay, the community was full of praise for her. A video she shared on Reddit has gained over a thousand upvotes in a matter of hours. How does she do it? Martins…

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Only if the female USB-C connector is in their phones, Apple should be allowed…

iPhone 13 is expected to feature the Snapdragon X60 5G modem and may finally sport a 120 Hz display. (Image Source: Apple)Even as the iPhone 12 is still pretty new, rumors about the iPhone 13 have already started making the rounds. The iPhone 13 (or whatever it will be called) may go completely portless in…

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New Zealand’s Female PM Has Advice For American Voters After Her Historic Reelection

Topline New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, after her historic reelection win she credits with her administration’s success in containing the country’s coronavirus outbreaks, said Sunday that Americans—who themselves will head to the polls to elect a leader in two weeks—should be wary of partisan politics, saying it can “be damaging for democracy.” New Zealand…

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What women want: Female vote key but policies lacking in New Zealand election

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – New Zealand’s upcoming general election has the rare distinction of providing a choice of two female candidates as the country’s next leader in a poll that could be decided by the female vote.FILE PHOTO: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern participates in a televised debate with National leader Judith Collins at TVNZ…

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How much more abuse do female politicians face? A lot.

The context: When Twitter announced it would start removing tweets expressing hope that President Trump would die of covid-19, a number of users—notably women and people of color in politics— openly asked why Twitter didn’t seem to be enforcing the same rules against abuse and threats in their own mentions.  On Monday, the Institute for Strategic…

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Witness: Feminine bosses face more adversarial reactions than males when criticizing employees

So you’re interested in our subbrand Growth Quarters? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how the most successful founders kickstarted and grew their companies. Imagine that your boss Ethan calls you into his office. He expresses disappointment in your recent performance and lack of commitment. How would you react? Would you accept…

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Female Penguins Become New Moms After Adopting Egg Together

Congratulations are in order for new penguin moms Electra and Viola. The two female gentoo penguins welcomed a chick this month at an aquarium in Valencia, Spain, after successfully adopting, incubating and raising the egg from another couple, according to a press release from Oceanogràfic València. According to the aquarium, the two birds had begun to…

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How myths about the ‘female’ brain hold women back from pursing careers in science

In 1879, French polymath Gustave Le Bon wrote that even in “the most intelligent races” there “are a large number of women whose brains are closer in size to those of gorillas than to the most developed male brains.” He continued his insult with: “This inferiority is so obvious that no one can contest it…

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Female morgue workers fired after alleged porn, Black penis cake…

CLOSEIn the same week that George Floyd was killed, a cake decorated with a Black penis on it showed up in the conference room at the Macomb County Medical Examiner’s Office.Not only was the cake offensive, says one investigator, but it highlighted a chronic problem at the morgue that has now cost three employees their jobs.The Macomb…

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32 Disliked Female TV Characters Audiences Were Way Too Hard On

“No one likes a mad woman.” We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which female TV characters were unfairly hated. Here are some of their responses: Spoilers ahead! 1. First, Janice Hosenstein from Friends NBC “Imagine it from her point of view: A bunch of stuck-up people thinking they’re better than her and mocking her for…