Finally Morbius

We finally know how Morbius, Venom, and Spider-Man are connected

Morbius is the next Marvel story to hit theaters, but it’s not an MCU adventure. Instead, this is another installment of the SSU, Sony’s own universe of stories that relate to Spider-Man. The film is out on April 1st, but Sony is dying to link the film to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and to Venom. Weaving…

Finally Stretching

I’m Finally Stretching and I Kind of Like It?

Photo: Prostock-studio (Shutterstock)Last week, I discovered that I can touch my toes (and maybe you can, too). In the past I never really felt like I got much out of stretching, and I know that it doesn’t do much to prevent injury or improve performance. But I practice what I preach when it comes to…

Finally Games

It’s possible to choose where Xbox games are located on your PC. But there’s a catch:

Until this month, Windows users who installed PC games through the Xbox app couldn’t touch the files. This lockdown on the game folders not only made modding difficult, but basic storage management too. If your boot drive lacked ample free space, you had to play musical chairs with your game installs. But at long last,…

Finally Opened

NASA finally opened 50-year-old Apollo moon rock sample as agency eyes human return to lunar surface

Home News Science & Astronomy The Apollo 17 core sample 73001 processing team in front of the newly opened sample at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. From left, Charis Krysher, Andrea Mosie, Juliane Gross and Ryan Zeigler. (Image credit: NASA/Robert Markowitz) NASA scientists have unsealed an extraterrestrial time capsule 50 years after astronauts collected…

Atlanta Finally

Atlanta It’s Finally Back after Nearly Four Years. Here’s How to Watch It

Nearly four years have passed since we last had a catch up with Donald Glover’s Atlanta. When we left Earn, Alfred, and Darius, the group was staring down several crossroads. Van was considering taking Lottie and moving in with her mom. A European tour was on the horizon. Earn slipped a gun in Clark’s bag…

Bread Finally

In my 40th year, I finally made pita bread

Good food is worth a thousand words — sometimes more. In My Family Recipe, a writer shares the story of a single dish that’s meaningful to them and their loved ones. * * * I reach for my favorite apron, the light blue one with the thin red and white stripes, worn soft from decades of…

Finally touch

How to Finally Touch Your Toes, Maybe Even Today

Photo: Maridav (Shutterstock)I’ve always had a weird relationship with flexibility. My ankles bend so easily that I can sit in a deep squat as just a relaxing way to rest. I got into Olympic weightlifting without having to spend a single moment worrying about my shoulder mobility. And yet: I cannot touch my toes. Or…

Democrats Finally

Are Democrats finally realizing that Critical Race Theory isn’t working in their favor?

Could it actually be happening? Is it really possible that Democrats are finally figuring out that doubling down on teaching lessons inspired by Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom is a losing strategy? Apparently, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke, an Irishman who goes by “Beto” to appeal to Latinos, has read the…

Explorer Finally

Finally! File Explorer tabs found hiding in new Windows 11 preview

Xeno Wouldn’t it be great if File Explorer could show you different folders in the same window, using the tab system we all know and love from our favorite browsers? Well, it can. All you have to do is ditch Microsoft’s standard file manager for a third-party alternative, like you already ditched Internet Explorer a…

Finally years

We Finally Have a Date for This Year’s Tony Awards (It’s June 12)

This time around, The Tony Awards Present: Broadway’s Even More Back-er. Photo: Mary Kouw/CBS via Getty Images After the weird hybrid combination of streaming-slash-network-TV Tony Awards that took place in September of last year, the Broadway theater awards ceremony is reverting back to normal, almost. The Tony Awards announced today that the ceremony will take…