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Google’s new Gmail security feature could save you from phishing attacks

Google might never be able to stop phishing scams altogether, but it can certainly make them easier to spot. In a blog post last week, Google revealed support for a new security feature is finally rolling out for Gmail. Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is an industry standard that attempts to bring stronger sender…

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This is how much your stolen Gmail account is worth to hackers

It might be tempting to assume that your credit card number is the holy grail for hackers, in terms of the value that it can fetch on the dark web. Especially when you stop and think about all of the places that you’ve given your card number to — everywhere you’ve typed it online or…

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Gmail and Facebook are first and third most popular iOS apps collecting personal information

In context: Apple recently made some significant changes in how App Store developers collect data from users. It implemented its App Store Transparency labels last December and its iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency framework on April 26. As we have previously reported, as of May 8, iOS 14 users have said “no” to apps asking…

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How to Add Attachments to Gmail by Pasting Files into Chrome

In Google Chrome 90 and later, you can attach files to an email in Gmail by copying the file in your file manager in Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS and pasting it into the email window. Here’s how to do it. How It Works Chrome 90 includes an experimental flag called “Clipboard Filenames.” When…

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You need to see this brilliant Gmail trick that everyone should be using

When compared to other email providers, Google’s Gmail does an incredible job of figuring out which emails are worthy of your attention and which ones are spam. That notwithstanding, it’s still easy to get bogged down with an overflowing inbox thanks to a seemingly endless stream of promotional emails that, while not technically spam, aren’t…