Google's Vague

Google’s vague privacy cure-all is showing up in new proposals, but some say it could break the internet

In its scramble to advance ad targeting and measurement methods that work without third-party cookies, Google has been accused of throwing lots of barely-cooked concepts at the wall to see what sticks. But one idea intended to protect people’s privacy — Google’s Privacy Budget — is winding its way into several proposals. Technologists, including some…

Fitbit Google's

Google’s Fitbit Charge 5 health tracker has finally been announced

Leaks had spoiled the surprise, so we knew its launch was imminent, but the Fitbit Charge 5 is finally here. It’s very similar to the Fitbit tracker that you already know. But it features an improved design and better specs, including a brighter always-on display. Also, the wearable device packs more features to help you…

Google's Rumor

Rumor says Google’s Pixel Fold release date might be delayed

Google confirmed most of the Pixel 6 rumors when it unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in early August. The company showed off the new designs of the two phones and listed some of the most important specs. Among them was the revelation that Google has been working on a custom Tensor System-on-Chip…

Google's Privacy

WTF is Google’s Privacy Budget?

Google has proposed Privacy Budget as part of its Privacy Sandbox initiative. By putting its stamp-of-approval on the concept — a privacy budget is a common method in privacy research arenas — and by including it on its Privacy Sandbox timeline, the company creates some momentum behind it. What is a privacy budget? Whether it’s Google’s…

Google's publisher

Google’s new publisher group shows a willingness to collaborate, say members including AccuWeather and Advance Local

August 19, 2021 by Kate Kaye To publishers like AccuWeather, Advance Local and Leaf Group, Google’s willingness to make people from its ads and Chrome teams available to answer questions from a fledgling group of publishing execs is not only indicative of a shift in how the company engages publishers as it develops tech that…

Fuchsia Google's

Google’s Fuchsia OS is rolling out to all first-gen Nest Hub devices

Google’s Fuchsia operating system is no longer just a poorly kept secret. The OS that might replace Android one day has been running on first-gen Nest Hub devices enrolled in the beta program for a few months. But Google is now quietly upgrading all Nest Hub devices to Fuchsia, which is terrific news. It means…

display Google's

Google’s Nest Hub will display air quality levels as wildfire season continues

Google is updating its Nest Hub displays with a new feature that displays the air quality index (AQI), Android Central has reported. The feature will appear on the weather widget, showing a numeric ranking from 0 to 500 and color coding from green (good) to maroon (hazardous). Google is taking the data from the US…

Google's SoundStream

Google’s SoundStream codec simultaneously suppresses noise and compresses audio

All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. Google today detailed SoundStream, an end-to-end “neural” audio codec that can provide higher-quality audio while encoding different sound types, including clean speech, noisy and reverberant speech, music, and environmental sounds. The company claims this is the first AI-powered codec to work on speech…

Crystal Google's

Google’s time crystal discovery is so big, we can’t fully comprehend it

Forget Google Search and Fuchsia. Researchers from Google, Stanford, Princeton, and other universities might have made a computer discovery so big we can’t fully comprehend it yet. Even Google researchers aren’t entirely sure that their time crystal discovery is valid. But if it turns out to be accurate, then Google might be one of the…

Google's Switch

Google’s new ‘Switch to Android’ iPhone app is designed to help steal customers from Apple

Once you are locked into an ecosystem — Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS — it’s difficult to leave. Not only are you accustomed to the user experience, but moving files devices can be a pain. It is one of the many reasons why iPhone users do not often switch to Android phones. Now Google wants…