What Trump’s impeachment accomplished — and what it did not

First Read is your briefing from "Meet the Press" and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political…

6 days ago

Impeachment vote: GOP grapples with how to tackle Capitol violence

Some Republican lawmakers worried impeachment would inflame rather than stifle the passions behind the violence seen in Washington on Jan.…

6 days ago

Amid brewing impeachment,” Trump visits legacy boundary wall

President Trump visited the partially built U.S.-Mexico border wall in Alamo, Texas, this week to show supporters “a promise made,…

6 days ago

How can impeachment work?

Will President Trump be impeached? Here's a look at what impeachment means, how it works and who has been impeached.

7 days ago

Impeachment supervisor:’Disturbing’ that only 10 Republicans voted to impeach Trump

Rep. Joe Neguse says it's "disturbing" more Republicans didn't vote to impeach Trump. “To think that they would be unwilling…

7 days ago

Impeachment Was the GOP’s Last Chance to Quit Donald Trump

As the House of Representatives voted Wednesday on the second impeachment of President Donald Trump, the leader of the chamber’s…

7 days ago

Trump impeachment may define the Republican Party

"It sure seems like the last best chance to stand up to the guy while it still matters," one GOP…

1 week ago